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Thursday, 11 May 2017


I live near a lovely market town in South Gloucestershire. The town is very historic (mentioned in the Doomsday Book) and has many notable listed buildings both in the High Street and the surrounding area. While out with Lisa for my birthday she asked if I had seen the Yarn Bombing - I had not! 

So off we went to the local (modern) shopping precinct to an empty shop unit and there in the window was this wonderful display of 'yarny lovley-ness'. I tried to get some snaps but the light was all wrong so a few days later I went back at a different time of day, still not perfect but here is an idea of what I saw, please excuse the reflections of the shops opposite but there just did not seem to be anyway of avoiding them it. 

These pieces of wolly wonderment have been put on display for Thornbury Arts Festival Entitled 'WOOLBURY Twinned with Briswoool' here is one side of our High Street from the top.

Dagg's Allotments, (the best view I could get)

Cottages at the top of Town

Cottages now converted to business's. my dentist is at the 2nd from left 

More pretty cottages

Heritage  for lovely gifts, and wonderful coffee and the Methodist church where we hold SVQ exhibitions (next one planned for February 2018).

Buildings at the lower end of High Street.

and just out of town the Beautiful St. Mary's Church where my parents were married and I was baptized.

I do hope the pictures are not too disappointing and that you have enjoyed your tour, I will be back soon with pictures of S.V.Q.'s display of quilts at the Town Hall.


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