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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I've Found It...

the blog where I saw the Scrappy Trip Around block (click here) to check out the lovely Laura Jane's blog for more info.
I made the first block a couple weeks back and it looks like this..
 Then last Saturday, I got carried away and made 2 more blocks in less than 2 hours! which look like this...
I pinned them all up together on the wall and liked what I saw...
but of course I need to make a lot more blocks to get an idea of an 'overall effect. So I'm going to cut LOTS more strips and see what I get! I'll keep you posted.
I've finished the book I told you about in my post on 5th Jan. I found 'Woman in Berlin' un-put-downable. Whoever this woman was, told her horrific story in a calm matter of fact way with out over-dramatizing her experiences. I for one was completely unaware of these events following WW2 although I knew things were bad for Germany at this time. I would highly recommend this book as a frank account of events which took place in Berlin.
Finally before I head off to the cutting board to cut more strips, when I had my 'tidy up' in the workroom the other day I came across a large carrier bag which I thought contained orphan blocks. The bag, which was passed to me when a previous member of SVQ moved away had fallen out of its place in the pile of 'stuff to be sorted' so I thought I would sort it out and came across this little quilt
It will go to the chosen charity for SVQ this year which I'm delighted to report will be the Woodlands Centre in Bristol. (see previous post 2.10.12). There were a lots of orphan blocks in the bag too which I hope will be taken by some of our members and made into quilts for the children using the centre.
Well off to the cutting/ironing board.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Experience on the way!

Am I getting brave or what? I have just registered for the Mug Rug swap over at the Quilting Gallery Here
I love making Mug Rugs and these just appealed to me! Can't wait to see who I am  making them for.
Be back soon as I know more to fill you in with the planned projects etc but of course I won't be able to say who I'm making for eh!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Back again and so soon!

Hi all, 
More snow last night and most of today so not much happening here, the committee and I made an 'executive decision' to postpone the Severn Valley group A.G.M. tonight, in case it gets worse or simply freezes - don't want anyone having an accident, so 3 of us spent time telephoning all the members to let them know.
So what to do... well my lovely hairdresser turned up despite the weather, so now my hair is nice and short again and I feel uber tidy, well I did till I put on my hat on to go out!!! Called in on my Mum to check she was not frozen to the chair - all fine! came back ate lunch and retreated to the workroom where I had a massive tidy up (again!). Then I cut lots of scrappy strips for the Scrappy Trip Along blocks, which I saw somewhere on another blog but I can't for the life of me remember which one, but will fill you in when I find it.
I took a picture of the Mola Postcards that I made for tonight's (now cancelled) workshop, I added some beads/ embroidery to two and left the other one plain in case someone wanted to give it to the male in their life! Now by the time I take the workshop on February 27th Valentine's day will have come and gone so the designs will be a bit superfluous. Oh well can't win em all!!
Next month will be WPQ's exhibtion plus on the same day Clifton Quilters are holding their Exhibition, so if you fancy a trip to the Bristol area here are the details.
Then just up the road at the Methodist Church, Westbury Hill, Westbury on Trym. BS9 3AA from 10am - 4pm is Clifton Quilters exhibition. Both groups usually co-ordinate the events so that visitors can get a double whammy! There are plenty of places to get something for lunch and I know refreshments will be served at both exhibitions, I shall be at WPQ's exhibition all day so if you make it there so do say hello.
Well off to get my tea, then I plan to do a bit more to the diary cover I told you about a couple of posts ago.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Not much to Report!

Except that on Thursday night IT SNOWED!!! Yay!!!! We had about 6"
Back garden

The pond, with waterfall still running

Front garden
That was till we had to go out to the shops:-(((  Our road was like glass, but off we went with DH driving. The supermarket was empty of people, more staff than customers ... BLISS! Overheard conversation between 2 staff saying that on Thursday (before the snow!) they took more money than any day on the run up to Christmas as people 'stockpiled' before the BIG freeze. Apparently one husband & wife pair had 2 trollies - 1 full of shopping and 1 full of ALCOHOL??? guess their priorities differ from mine somewhat. 
Now! when we do the shopping he drops me at the Supermarket then goes off to do the banking, however he returns from his trip to High Street more than a bit cross to have found our Bank closed due to 'severe weather'. When he inquired on Monday they said their staff have to travel long distances to get to work! Hello! not our problem!, apparently one staff member travels every day from Birmingham (about 11/2 Hours from us). 
DD's area had snow too and I's school was closed so they took the boys and little H to the park, the boys love the snow and Monty will catch snowballs if you throw them in the air, however Little one was a bit bemused and did not like the way it blew in her face. So all in all it took longer to wrap her up warm than they spent out playing.
Saturday was the first 2013 meeting of CTQ so I had to go in case anyone turned up, several called off but  4 intrepid stitchers spent the day hand sewing and having a good laugh, by the time I drove home around 3pm there had been much clearing of snow and ice in our road by DH & neighbours so I got back into the driveway safe and sound.
Sunday the road had frozen again, DH fell on the way back from the paper shop, nothing damaged but pride thank goodness! I did not let Mum come for lunch, (couldn't risk a broken hip) instead I went round to her house for an hour or so, even the pavements were bad with ice and there were a couple of times I almost fell, coming back I walked in the road where it had been gritted.
Yesterday was a lovely day and at 4pm the view from the window was of a lovely sky (I just love nice skies!!!) 
we had another 1" or 2" last night but after much deliberation DD decided to travel down to us. She brought Little H's snow clothes and as soon as they arrived we wrapped her up and went out, This time she seemed a bit better tho a little uncertain about the grown ups addiction to 'the white stuff, then the boys started to play-fight, which made her laugh uncontrollably, very soon she was having a really good time and we well me really built a Snow-bear, the snow was not very good and did not hold together very well but here he is (STOP laughing! he's just small!)  (I can still hear you laughing!!)
and here is a picture of the Girl herself all bundled up and having fun, don't you just love that hat and the pink wellies?
at first still a bit uncertain
But then! she got the hang of it, it's FUN.
and Finally just to prove I can build better snowmen than snow-bears, here's Cedric whom I made during the snow of 2010, (not based on anyone I know of course! but he looks a lot like a bloke I once knew, I think it's the ears or maybe the nose. LOL)
Tomorrow evening is S.V.Q.'s Annual General Meeting, and the Mola workshop, I've made 3 fabric postcards using the technique but I'll have to show you the pictures next time as I haven't taken any yet. 
So that's about it for now, I hope you all stay warm and safe wherever you are. 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Progress Update

Hello All!
Time for a little update on the projects mentioned in my last post, These are the fabrics I selected for the 'Mola' style workshop at Severn Valley Quilters.
I plan to suggest that the small piece I have designed could be used as fabric postcards for either Valentine's Day or as a greeting card, with the sentiment written on the calico backing with a Pigma pen or similar or they could embroider it on. I have decided that we should start with a size of 6.5" so if necessary we can cut them down a little before adding a binding, and I'm suggesting only 2-3 layers and to include a piece of wadding. This is because my first attempt seemed a bit 'limp'. Luckily as I has stitched it Soooo carefully none of my stitches showed on the back and I was able to take off the backing and add some wadding before completing the final layer. it now looks like this...
trimmed and ready for binding which I shall probably do by machine to 'stiffen the edge a little, then add some beads or maybe some embroidery or maybe some both!! I have assembled the next piece and am in the throes of finding a design that fits the size but will not be too fiddly to work on for the various skill levels at Group. I took my 2nd attempt along to the SVQ sewing afternoon yesterday but forgot to take my template DOH!!! so I acted as 'tea lady' and sat and chatted with the others.
My Knitting progress is slow going at snail's pace, It was the fortnightly meeting of 'Knit & Knatter' last Monday evening and I was able to pick the brains of a more experienced knitter to work out how to make short sleeves for 'that sweater' (the one I ran out of yarn for) Jean (bless her!!) spent ages helping me and I am now following her instructions, but have decided to make a 'prototype' using some of the left over yarn from the 4 colour version of the same sweater (which is finished but needs sewing up!). I found out that it was due to a yardage difference between the 2 different yarns that caused the problem, almost 40yards less in each 50gm ball:-O You would assume the yarn company would have thought of that when they worked out the requirements for the pattern.
As for the Diary Cover, I was rooting around and came across this, (sorry its a bit fuzzy)
a book cover I made as a sample when I took a workshop on making book covers about 2 years ago, its about the right size so I have opened it up and will try to adapt it for my current diary,
Next I shall take the lining off and go from there, I may add a bit more hand or machine embroidery on the main areas as I think it looks a bit 'bare' in places.
Well! I'll be back soon. I'm off to do a bit more to the Mola project.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Just thought I would pop in to let you know what's going on here.... basically not much, though I do have a few couple of projects burbling away in the back of my brain (Yes I have got one folks, though if you were  see me some days you would never believe it!). But before I digress I completely forgot to tell you what I had for Christmas. K,S & H gave me the book I wanted - 'Call the Midwife' and some of my fave smellies. DD & I gave me 2 lovely framed pictures of my darling GD plus a CD of The military Wives which is playing (again) as I talk to you. My Brother gave me some much needed snazzy new socks - how did he know that I needed some??? I also got an Admiral Fitzroy's Storm gauge, which has me baffled as to how it works but looks great on the opposite end of the mantle to the Galileo Thermometer I got several years ago. I like geeky things like that! Along with these things we got joint gifts like tins of biscuits and sweets (ooop! there goes the diet - again!! LOL) DH and I had agreed not to exchange gifts this year so nothing to show there. From the Secret Santa swap at WPQ I received this cute little pattern and pretty blue FQ plus the item below which I am reliably informed is great for pressing seams really flat , I'll let you know on that when I've used it.
 Here is a picture from Christmas day of H the elder wearing her latest fashion statement.... are you ready for this?? When she said she wanted this 'creation' I was not sure she really had the nerve but Good on Ya Girl!
and here's one of Little H who is looking very pensive at the sight of ALL THAT CHOCOLATE!! none of which was hers by the way!
Now earlier I mentioned 1 or 2 projects, first has to be some small pieces needed as samples for a mini workshop which I am doing at SVQ following our AGM at the end of the month, I 'volunteered' for something along the lines of a Mola Applique project on a Valentine/ Greeting card theme, I have made a start and as its a hand stitched project I assembled all my needs on a tray which is now ready by my TV chair in the living room, I have done type of thing before, making a small sample for my talk on patchwork techniques  from around the world, and was delighted when this work was featured in  a TV series called 'Tribal Wives' several years ago.
Next I have had an idea to cover this boring 'filofax' style diary, I've have had the cover for years and not used it but I got fed up having a diary, notebook, address book, pens etc rattling around my bag so having managed to get a 2013 dairy insert I thought it should see light of day, its got a 'loopy bit' to hold a pen and a tab to keep it shut so I thought I may be able to use the automatic buttonhole on the machine to make slots to put those through, I need to give it some thought and it could be a bit hit and miss but hey ho it's all such fun.

 Finally for a word of warning to all stitchers out there, while making the Advent Calendar for Little H I had a nasty accident, well not me exactly but the iron. As you may remember making the calendar meant using lots of bond a web so the iron was on the whole time, I had followed all the rules of having paper above and below the piece being ironed to protect the iron & board from the 'sticky stuff ' etc but not had bothered to clear the work table. Then during a tricky bit I managed to knock the iron over, whereon it landed hot side down on a CARRIER BAG which of course melted all over the sole plate, after a hasty search for the iron cleaner and some frantic attempts to use it (it had disintegrated to powder and was completely useless) I was almost in tears, so in desperation and well prepared for the 'I told you to tidy up' and 'you should have started sooner' theme I went in search of DH. Who to my surprise was completely supportive :-o He said 'he would see what he could do' but thought a new iron may be needed. JOY of joys when he returned from the recesses of the garage, holding aloft my iron which was PRISTINE CLEAN. Apparently the answer was none other than good old Turpentine Spirit, so girls if even after this warning you let your iron come in contact with a carrier bag this is the solution (sorry about the pun, but I couldn't resist!)
And finally - finally this is what is on my reading table for tonight,

I got this from the library today and have been waiting to read it since I saw someone else with a copy in the dentist waiting room, as I only have it till 26th Jan I will have to 'suspend' my other books for a while, I'll let you know what I think.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

To all my blogging friends and anyone else who happens by and reads this. First of all I must say Hi! to Dee who sent me simply the best card for an ape lover like me - so Thank You Dee, the card will join my ape picture gallery when it's taken down after the holidays. Despite all good intentions I did not make it back here before the 'Big Day' so as I did not get any sewing done during the festivities I guess I better start the New Year by sharing with you the Show 'n' Tell from Severn Valley Quilter's Oct/Nov meetings which somehow I overlooked
I have managed to work out which month they were shown simply by the sweater I am wearing!! LOL and they are not in any specific order.  I do not have all the owners names as now I am Chairman I tend to just hand my camera to someone in the front row and ask them to snap away, and rely on my memory as to who owns what! (so if any members happen to read this please get in touch and let me know who owns what!
First up, this beauty by Jane, it's not well displayed unfortunately, as one of us holding up the corners got distracted just as the shutter clicked!
October - Amanda's wall hangings
October - Baby Quilt
October - Flying Geese Bag
October - The blues and greens in here were lovely sadly the picture did not capture them too well
October - This one I know is Carol's
November - Cary's 'Poppies'

Playmat for an expected grandchild by Heather
November - 9 patches on point with a french braid border
November - Kate's 'Stars Quilt'  one of our newer members
and the back
October - Carol's 'Kaleidoscope' quilt    

November - These last 2 shots are the front and back of Sue's Lighthouse Quilt
Well its been a dry day today Yaaay!! and I have dried my Laundry in the garden, (double Yaaay!!)  it's now around that time of day when the air gets damp so I'll have to go get it in or it'll be as wet as when I put it out!
So that's all for today, I'll try to be back soon.