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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Note this is a different aaaah! to the ones you were getting 3 weeks ago, not you may guess because the Seminole is finished  (or any easier for that matter) but because once again my t'internet is up and running and I can come here to my own little corner and talk to all of you out there in Blogland.
The Seminole Workshop was a great success and we all had a good time, here are some of the girls at work including the lovely Lynne Quinn our Oh! so patient tutor (bottom picture centre).

This is Lynne's bag and is what ours are supposed to look like when finished! the little bag is a pin cushion.
I also took the oppotunity to photograph the SVQ Banner which is now complete, I took it along to show Lynne as it's based on the colour wash project we did with her a while ago (see post in June 2011) All the members made a block each then the committee assembled it, added the lettering and finished it off.
The workshop was held in the held in the hall of a local school, on the wall was this beautiful angel made by the children, she is called Petra and has a little brass plaque to tell everyone about her, isn't she lovely.
Well! I hear you say what else have you been up to? At this moment in time I am breathing a huge enormous sigh of relief that the 'wet room' project at my Mum's bungalow is complete, it's week 6 of a 5 day job!! plus I got a flu virus in the middle of the first 2 weeks so dealing with a constant stream of plumbers/plasterers etc was difficult to say the least :-((. Now we are into a round of electricians coming to quote for some minor jobs like adding a couple of sockets in the lounge so we don't have an extension cable going right round the room from one side to t'other.
I have not been idle on the needlecraft front throughout all this time, I have been knitting like there was no tomorrow (except during the flu thingy!) so far I have made 3 little sweaters that will be going children in the area near The Butterfly Project (See post 28th September)
I made 2 like this, the other is bright yellow and slate grey

I made a scarf to give a friends daughter on her birthday and a second one the same (because I could and because I had enough yarn!!)
 I've started a shawl style scarf in this very interesting yarn, which will be great when its done but is very tricky to knit with. It's worked on old size 000 needles which is a bit like knitting with telegraph poles and the yarn itself is very slippy!
 Plus Ive almost completed a sweater for Little H but annoyingly, although pattern asked for 4 balls of yarn I have run out, 2" short of finishing the 2nd sleeve. So if any one out there knows where I can get some Sirdar Snuggly Chatterbox yarn (now discontinued) in shade No 215 I would be a very happy lady indeed. 
Last Saturday saw CTQ assemble for our Christmas meeting, lunch was as ever delicious!! We were all delighted when Laura announced she is expecting another baby in May, then, lunch was rounded off with the exchange of our Secret Santa Gifts when I recieved this lovely box, handmade by Sue.
The pen is just to keep the lid open
Well I better sign off and get some sewing done, I'm working on an advent calendar for little H (yes I do know it's the 1st on Saturday and yes I'm in a bit of a rush, so byee for now. L   

Monday, 5 November 2012

Arrrgh! Seminole part 2

Well you may all be wondering how the Seminole is going. Well having got all the strip sets cut last week, today I started sewing them together, and and carefully pressing all the seams in the right direction.
 To make sure I was going in the 'right direction' I made a practise piece.
 Now for the 'real thing' I thought. I was really organised (or so I thought!) I sewed then pressed each set in turn it to make life easier (or so I thought!!) then starting again with set one, I carefully measured, cut and reversed the sections ready to sew
it was then I spotted the first mistake!!! I realised that during all the careful cutting last week (not so careful it turns out LOL) I had cut a strip 1.5" instead of 1.25" so instead of looking like this..
it looked like this................
you will notice I have changed the colours no great design choice, I simply did not have enough of the other fabrics left :-( However I sewed it together anyway to see what it would look like and I quite like it so will keep it for future use. Yesterday I was sorting through my bag of bits and found the only other piece of Seminole I ever attempted 
and it made a good reference for this 2nd set which just needs trimming.
Well  that's it for today, I'm off to Slimming World to see what damage I have done this week then its my turn to drive to WPQ tonight so I better get ready