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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Another slow week....

....sewing wise that is! 

Earlier this week I did some baking, I bake DH a cake every week as he does love his homemade goodies and decided to make a 'Dorset Apple Cake', which is delicious and very easy to make plus you can use the mixture to make muffins if you wish. As I began I started to wonder what it would be like if I added frozen blackberries so I did and the results were even better.

needless to say it did not last long!

Once again I have not made it to the sewing room except to drop stuff in there. I may have mentioned that some years ago I got intrigued by Encaustic Wax techniques, and while watching a certain craft channel on TV earlier this week I got all fired up again as there was a demonstration on this very craft, now of course all they really want to do is sell you the stuff but as I already have a lot of materials and equipment I decided to stay tuned. I took notes, while hatching a plan to have another try.
So with DH off out to watch footie today I thought this would be the ideal time but, and it's a big BUT! I got distracted (as you do, don't you?) I needed to tidy up the table, before I could do anything, in doing so I found this little ready quilted piece (I think it's a sample for iron on bag lining from Empress Mills) Its around 6"x 4" so just right for a coaster which is what I had already been using it for and nearby was just the right scrap for a binding, so that had to be done.

 Next I came across this,

which is also in need of finishing, this was started during a workshop at Malvern last October, so thought if I got it all prepped it would be a nice little hand sewing project. I've never been keen on the fabric supplied with the kit for the binding which seems too bright,

so.... I dived into the stash to find some backing/binding and quickly cut a nice piece of red polka dot fabric planning to wrap it over to form the binding in due course.

I tacked it up ready to hand quilt and roughly pinned the backing over to see how it looked. 

Now I can't remember if I planned to add quilted diagonal lines across the whole, leaving a space around the Redwork, or just add 'clouds' above and behind the house, then today more indecision, should I stitch Redwork clouds? or would that be too much so use a more subtle approach with cream quilting thread? or  maybe just embroider a few Redwork birds? If anyone out there feels like making a suggestion (Yes Lisa! I can hear you saying get on with it woman !!!)  then please go ahead.
I finally got the box of Encaustic equipment out of the cupboard and started to sort through to find what I needed, but before I had got started suddenly it was 5pm and DH was back (I'm sure there's a time leak in the sewing room!) and it was time to go and make some tea.

In the garden this week Spring continues to spring with warm temperatures interspersed with some showery days and of course more daylight hours now we are on 'summer time'. The Tulips seem to be very early but are very pretty all the same.

It rained overnight and early this morning the droplets looked lovely on the petals and leaves

a bit blurry but I think you get the idea! Also bursting forth in the last few days are these Snakes Head Fritillaria (Frittillaria Meleagris) We planted the bulbs some years ago and they have multiplied nicely.
 we also have a few purple ones that seemed to 'just arrive' a while before that. I love these and the wonderful patterning on the petals

Of course there;s been some knitting this week too, I found this pretty yarn in a discount store ages ago and thought it would make a pretty baby blanket, I decided a chevron pattern may work nicely and this is what I've done so far.

On Wednesday I went with Carys and Heather to hand over the syringe driver bags to St Peters Hospice, we took 80 bags in total and they were delighted with them. We were given a tour round the hospice and the grounds which I found quite emotional as it was only 2 days after the Anniversary of my Brothers death and we were right outside the room he was in at one point. We rounded off the afternoon with Tea and cake in John Lewis before coming home.

Well that's about it for now