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Saturday, 4 August 2018

My Beautiful Tree!

I am confused!! not difficult I hear you say but the date on this post is way off kilter, there must have been a 'Blogger Glitch' somewhere along the line as I wrote this many years ago (probably more than 6/7 years to be honest) I've had a look at my past posts and can't figure out where it was supposed to be, so my apologies for old news popping up like this.
I am MAD! MAD! MAD! remember the beautiful Silver Birch Tree all covered in hoar frost I posted a picture of back in the winter? Well it has been decimated by a team of 'Tree cutter' (and I'm being polite here!) who arrived next door (it's his tree!) to 'tidy it up a bit' and this is the result :-(((
Decimated Tree
 They obviously didn't know what they was doing as its just coming into leaf (trees are not supposed to be cut this time of year!!)  The birds love it and I have been told that over 30 different insects live in Silver Birch Trees, which is why the birdies love it, plus he ripped out the nest of a pair of wood pigeons!  Well I had better get off my high horse as nothing can be done.

It's been a busy old week and the month is set to continue in the same vein. We have DD's dog staying with us for a little holiday so I have been out walking with him around 8am every day, its beautiful in the fields where we walk, we go around the perimeter as its a crop field, but there are woods and a Golf Course near by so the birdsong is fantastic:-)) Ted loves his walks, he comes home covered in mud and plant stuff or twigs/brambles, there is an abundance of a 'sticky plant' that spreads by itself by grabbing hold of anything passing and with his long coat Ted is a 'sticky plant magnet' here he is strolling round the garden. He's a Springer Spaniel with a bit of Corgi in there somewhere (don't ask!!) he is a bouncy, happy dog with all the Spaniel traits, nose to the ground followin' the scent, etc, unfortunately he can also be a bit grumpy which is why I go out early but it's a good start to the day.

Ted Strollin!
Last Saturday I took Harriet to a Young Quilters workshop at Chipping Sodbury, she had a great time making a 'Funky Chicken' then on Sunday morning she spent an hour in the workroom and made another larger one with a pebble inside to make a door stop/paper weight. My friend Helen came along as well and took her daughter Lia who made a pin cushion.This is Lia at the machine, she did very well as she had not used a machine before. H insisted she took a picture for me to put on this post so here it is.
H's Funky chickens

Lia at the machine.

On Wednesday I and a couple of others assembled a display of work by Severn Valley Quilters members as part of Thornbury Arts trail, this is the 3rd year we have been invited to exhibit alongside local painters, embroiderers, jewelery makers, wood turners and textile artists  whose work is on show in the Town Hall , then if you have time you can 'trail' around the town viewing work by many other artist and craftspeople exhibiting in their own homes. When I was a little girl oh! so many years ago, the building was the town Police station, complete with a courtroom and living accommodation for the policeman upstairs! The old courtroom is now the Council Chamber and is a beautiful room with a wooden ceiling. It was nice to sit and sew and have the chance to talk to visitors viewing the display which looks very good, we have a list of members who will do some stewarding, this morning it was my turn and I was pleased to hear some nice comments about the work. I took some pictures to share with you.

This quilt has 72 blocks!

A view of the table

I have made a block this week to send to Pippa from Welsh quilts blog, she is making a quilt which will be sent to New Zealand to mark the awful earthquake. Well that's about it for now I'm off to Clock Tower Quilters tomorrow so a nice sewing day