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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Another excuse to buy fabric!

Yesterday I went to a Doughty's Roadshow (Here)  in my local town, organised by Region 5 of the Quilters Guild. The reason I went was because I volunteered to buy some wadding for a group banner the comittee are working on for SVQ. The roadshows are held at various venues about once a year and are organised by local quilt groups. Right thinks me, lets pop in get the wadding and then off for shopping... Oh no look at those gorgeous fabrics, I'll just have a little wander round, of course I don't NEED any fabric but I can see a few friends to have quick natter with, and they will think I'm ignoring them if I just leave now, big mistake - HUGE! In around 20 minutes I managed to spent around £25, not including the wadding. Most of the fabrics will be useful for the Charity quilts so not so bad I suppose, plus I can claim back from the group for the wadding. 
Aren't they pretty? The solid blue on the right is for another small project which has to be ready by next Tuesday. I finally get home 6 hours later, after shopping for a birthday gift for my Mum to give little H next Sunday on her birthday (YES it's almost a year since I became a Granny) and having a cuppa with a friend. I came up to the workroom and a piece of paper fluttered out of a file I was moving, now I had forgotten all about this article which I kept from an old magazine and it was just so fitting, so having read it I don't feel bad about the fabric at all. This is it and I agree with every word, its title is '12 Reasons to Buy Fabric' tho number 11 may not apply to these particular fabrics LOL
Now as I said earlier our little angel hits the big 1st birthday next Sunday and I cannot really believe we have had the delight of her company for a year already. Here we are just 12 short months ago when she was just 7 hours old.
8th July 2011
and here she is now, this one taken during the Jubilee Weekend when she had her first try on the slide (with a little help from Mum of course.)
We are invited along with her other Grandparents, her Great Nanny and her Aunty Susan and her partner to join them for tea on Sunday next, the big plan is to have tea in the garden but with this lovely weather of late that may change. I'm sure whatever the weather there will be many more pictures to share next time.
I'll also post the pictures that I promised last time re the project I made for myself, tho I'm not sure when the next post will be as we heard a couple of weeks ago that Mum has the offer of a bungalow to move into, so I have been in the throes of trying to organise and pack up her belongings ready for the movers and there is lots more to do yet!!!
Be back as soon as I can!