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Friday, 11 November 2011


11.11.11 We Will Remember Them.  Not just today but Always!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Next Instalment - Purchases!

So What did I buy while in the US, well I took some patterns with me to buy the fabrics. This is for baby H to hang in her room, The pattern is from The Gourmet Quilter (Here) from New Zealand whom I saw at the NEC in August.  
 I also took this pattern which I bought in Canada in 2006 and have never found the right fabrics for..it's a Mckenna Ryan  pattern from the 'Pine Needles' range and depicts a deer crossing a river in a forested glade. I'm afraid the picture is a bit 'flared' out from the camera flash. It's all raw edged bonded Applique
this pattern was bought quite a while ago, however I could not find the just the right colours..... so ended up with just the Starry Sky fabric.
This next pattern and the fabric for it was bought during the retreat from Sunshine Carousel Quilt shop,  I fell in love with the Red Cardinal fabric so I just had to have it, I could have made the Runner whilst there but I did not decide till late on day 2 and decided that I would probably rush it and make a mistake. So I'll make it in time for another Christmas.
The next few are all 'Just Because' purchases you know just because I liked them and had to have them LOL.
A cute animal print from a bargain bucket
Remnants from Sew Many Treasures quilt shop & buttons from Walmart
A 'fun' bag panel
These 'lil babies' were 50 cents each
I bought this book at the Shelburne Museum, it shows many more of the quilts held in the collection and tells how the collection was put together. 

The next 2 were quite simply Impulse buys I don't have a clue what I will use them for but they were just soooo pretty!

 and last but not least of my Goodies I bought this little kit at Billings Farm Museum and worked on them during the retreat as a change from the Hexie project. Don't you just love 'Penny Rug' projects? So easy and so cute, I've made them into brooches to wear on sweaters over the winter.

These were some of the freebies handed out at the quilt shops
Talking of Hexagons I have had to take apart my 'hexie' project so last night was not so much a 'make it on Wednesday night as a Take it apart night, I am so cross with myself, remember I said it had 'Natural gaps' well it would seem I simply got the assembly all completely wrong, as pointed out by my 'friends' at CTQ last Saturday so I spent most of last night unpicking and now it looks like this! :-(( Guess I'll just have to start over!!  My Granny would have been proud of my patience if she were still here, I hope she' looking down on me!!!!!
'SAD' hexies all wrinkled and crushed from all the unpicking!

Finally on Monday 13th its WPQ and we are doing an Origami Tree project, As you may remember I have already made one of these (See post January) and do not need another one so I'll be doing an Origami wreath instead, these are the fabrics I've chosen from my Christmas stash.

I have to cut out 18 x 60deg. triangles of the main fabric, (pink), 12 from a 1st contrast (blue) and 6 from the 2nd contrast (green), they have to be sewn together in contrasting pairs, turned though and pressed. I'm spending the Weekend at Nicola's to look after Ted while they go away, so I'll pack my machine and do this there. It will keep me occupied for a while AND by doing so I'll be taking part in the 'Friday Night Sew In' which reminds me I must work out how to add that button to my blog page.
Well folks thats all for now, must go and put a few things in a holdall or I could spend the week end naked!!!!