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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Where does the time go?

Hi Everyone,
Well! its February already and I realised I haven't blogged for ages. Ive had another nasty flu thing which kept me in bed on Friday last, leaving me with a heavy cold in d'nose. but now I am better!!! Yay!

 I have had no luck at all with the Trapunto wool for the Rennie Mac' project (previous blog) I phoned Coats Crafts to discover they have stopped producing it. A friend suggested writing to Sylvia Critcher but at the moment I am trying out some very soft hand knit DK which has been lying around the workroom for ages, so far its not looking too bad so I may just continue with that. Here's a picture of how it looks, the centre and bottom left corner are done!

The WI talk I was booked for went really well, they were a lovely group, very friendly and asked lots of questions over the tea & cakes! It was a filthy night, throwing it down with rain and really cold but a lot of ladies turned out to hear me speak. I may even have got a future student out of it. (I know!, I know! I'm supposed to be retiring!!)

Last Wednesday evening was the AGM at Severn Valley Quilters, luckily that was just before the dreaded virus! As Group Secretary it was quite a busy night with taking the minutes, then after the formal meeting was over,  I took a mini badge making workshop. 

Badges- 1 pieced over papers, 1 Bonded & 2 Crazy
 We (the committee) decided  that as we are a fairly big group now (35+ members & growing) it would be good if everyone had a a name badge to wear. I gave them a choice of designs and they all seemed to be getting on OK with them. Most people will finish them off at home, then they will be kept at group so no-one forgets to bring/wear them.

Clock Tower meetings started again on 22nd Jan. It was sooo great to see everyone and there was great excitement when one of our number announced she is going to be a Mum again in August (will this be the youngest quilter on record I wonder?) I also had some great news, (BIG fanfare!!!!)  I'm finally going on a quilt tour to the States :-))), something I have hoped for ever since I started quilting (AND BIGGER FANFARE) we are going to be Grandparents again in July :-)))))), something I never thought would happen. So with 2 babies on the way my knitting fingers are going to have to fly this year. My daughter is not really a big fan of quilts tho she has generously said I can make one if I like, but she has picked out a few knitting patterns she likes and I do have a mountain of yarn that is nearly as high as the fabric mountain. I have already made a small blanket that was designed by a friend of mine several years ago, it was really fun to do and all I needed was the excuse. I will post a picture when I can get one in daylight as being cream in colour it will not fare well for photography with these dull days.

I thought I would share the Show & tell from CTQ with you so here is Sheila with her Chicken, this is the workshop I missed at Westbury park Quilters when I went to give the WI talk on 10th Jan.

Sheila with her Log Cabin Chicken
and a close up

Sue with her Church banner and her Storm at Sea
cushion (16") which was pieced over papers
approx 1" - 1 1/2" in size.

Harriet was delighted when she saw her projects in print in January's Fabrications magazine and ran round showing it off to all the family, so I am pleased I sent them in. I am hoping to take her along to Severn Valley this year though Kevin and her Mum say it will all be 'behaviour dependant' I think she will get a lot out of it. She has asked me if she can make a 'big quilt' so It could be a busy summer, I have promised to take her to Malvern show in May so we could get the fabrics there. I usually go with a group of ladies so I may have to go twice :-)))

Monday night I was lucky enough to go to Bristol Hippodrome to see 'Calendar Girls' with Linda Bellingham, in the lead, what a hoot. Its coming to the end of its run now so I'm glad I've seen it live.

Well best be off till next time