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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Whoooo hoooo! Yay!

Why all the excitement I hear you cry... Well the BIG BUILD is done, the carpet is fitted and the curtains are up (a bargain find in a charity shop) so now a few itty bitty 'tweaks' like varnishing the new door, but I have been told I can 'move in. Yippee!
Back soon. Lx

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Feels like coming home!

Well its been almost 2 months since I was here, I can't believe it has taken me this long to finally catch up with all the bits and pieces that were looming before the visit to DD and those that accumulated while I was there and after I returned, and then there are those that just simply needed doing now! So I have a lots to tell you all (hopefully you are all still there!!) I think I must go through this systematically,  so I'll start with the remains of September. In my last post I left you all hanging in the balance re my success at the Flower show, well  just as Little One and I were putting all our prize winning exhibits back in the car, the nice lady from the show committee came running out and said I had won a 'cup' - I was a bit bemused - I knew I had achieved 4 prizes out of 6 entries and was really delighted, but a SILVER CUP never!!! But it was true I had won a lovely Silver trophy for most points in the handicraft category. So let me bore you with my success and not a few pictures.

and the following are my entries....
1st Prize - A Tapestry or Embroidery class
2nd Prize - Patchwork or Applique Class.
2nd Prize - A knitted or Crochet Article Class.
 Now the eagle eyed among you may spot a 3rd prize certificate in there and indeed I did win said prize for my plate of  5 Plain scones... but... they didn't keep long enough to photograph...lol Yum! I also entered a Victoria Sandwich and a Fruit Cake but no luck with those and I have to say they were not my best!
then last but not least this Splendid Cup now has pride of place in my lounge! Little H was so delighted she kept telling everyone 'My Grandma won a cup!' and as she missed out on some silverware of her own (she was 1 point short!) I have said she can share it, so after Christmas I will take over for her to have on the shelf of 'special things' in her room.
As I said earlier R was not idle while I was away and when I came back THE ROOM had been completely plaster boarded out and had walls and a ceiling and  looked like this.
On several mornings towards the end of the month we had some early visitors. As you all know I like to sit watching the birds as I work on my knitting and catching some movement I looked out to see this splendid fellow land on the wall between the gardens.
I think you can just see a Heron at the back by the big tree, it was a 'quick pic' because as soon as I moved he was away on huge wings, he is a frequent visitor hopefully looking around the pond for a 'way in' but our pond is all netted over. Then a few days later this lovely little vixen arrived for a good look round, unusual to see a fox out in broad daylight but she is very welcome!

Well that's about it for September, I'll be back as soon as I can with an October round up. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.