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Friday, 10 December 2010

Back Again!

Hi all,
At last I am back! I have had trouble logging on to my blog recently (probably still getting it wrong somewhere) it's all very frustrating when I have soo.. much to show you.:-)
I finished the cushions and the toy I have been making, and I am pleased with the results, just hope the children like them. Here they all are, do let me know what you think.
This is for J, I used pictures from a larger panel with sashing and backing in the same fabric.

This is K's cushion, he shares a room with J so I thought a common theme would be nice, some more pictures from the panel and again I used the same fabric for sashing and backing.

These 2 are for the twins L & E, again they share a room and at 31/2  years old I decided on Nursery rhymes and nice bright colours.

Last but not least this is the elephant I made for Eli, I found this nice bright fabric in my stash with some corduroy on the inner ears (see previous post and 'sleepy' embroidered eyes. I think he's rather cuddly.
The cushion I made earlier for their sister is on a previous post so I have not put that in here.
We have been rather lucky with our weather so far, all around us seems to have snow but we have only had  continued very low temperatures (-5 or 6) with really hard frosts, everything looks so pretty I just had to take some pictures to show you, we 'share' a huge silver birch tree with a neighbour which on Wednesday morning looked like a huge fountain, while the leaves of our Apple tree seemed to have had all the edges painted with white. In the last picture the Pyracantha bush looks very pretty with all the orange berries caontrasted against the frost.

Last friday saw me and 2 friends off to the sale at Oakshott Fabrics (www.oakshottfabrics.com) it was a great day out and YES! I did buy some fabrics and patterns etc. I love the colours and patterns of their fabrics and they don't have a shop and do not exhibit at Malvern so it's a treat to go to the warehouse and have the chance to browse, This is what I bought, the patterns and some fabrics will be used as raffle prizes at Severn Valley Quilters but the rest is for me. :- )))

Well that's about it for now folks! so I'm off to get the evening meal and settle down for an evenings TV.
See you soon