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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Mid summer ????

Well apart from the length of daylight yesterday who would know it is summer?
We went away for a few days in the caravan and although we were not washed out it was very inclement weather, still a change is as good as a rest as they say and it certainly charged our batteries and we manged quite a few walks
I could not resist a picture of these lovely rock formations in Dawlish.
A blustery day and high tides in Teignmouth, lots of 'splooshing' as DD used to say. I love the sea in all its moods, but especially like this
On Sunday we visited a Museum where there were some great sewing Machines,

a wonderful Victorian Kitchen, which brought back some memories, my Grandparents kitchen range was very similar to this but in a cottage.
and an Evacuee's bedroom with a lovely log cabin quilt, it was only after I had taken these pictures that DH noticed a small sign that said no photography, so don't tell anyone will you!!!
 It all seemed very weird leaving Mum alone for the first time but family and friends called in and she seemed to cope very well. I got a little cardie knitted while we were away but cleverly ran out of yarn about 2" from the end of the 2nd front, so unpicked the whole lot and made it in a smaller size, now DH really thinks I have lost the plot! Now I'm back to knitting squares as I had another idea to use a 'quilt design' for a knitted blanket, but more on that later....
I've got some sewing done since I came back as I am teaching a workshop on Saturday, Yes I Know! I'm retired but I was asked and well! I do miss teaching you know. I'm also doing a demo on continuous binding for S.V.Q. skills Night on Wednesday next and there is a bit of prep for that, which is well under way.
I went with a friend to the Portishead Quilters exhibition recently, it was in a church and unfortunately all the quilts were draped over the back of the pews so we could not really see them very well, As we were only a few miles away we also visited The Spinning Weal in Clevedon what a lovely shop that is I really must find time to go back with some cash in my pocket really soon! 
While at the exhibition I bought some 'orphan blocks' on a Halloween theme which I thought I could use to make into a quilt for the SVQ Charity. They are a favorite technique of mine FP 'random' Log Cabin, there were 8 completed blocks and 4 in progress and cost the princely sum of £1.00
Completed blocks
 I picked out some bright fabrics from 'the stash' and some scraps
I loved the 'bug' fabrics, just right for this project
Lots of bright scraps.

I'm going to use a 'pointless wonder' design which will fit in nicely for Saturdays 'Quilt in a Day' workshop.
So far I've cut all the fabric squares, drawn on the diagonal cutting lines
 tho I did mess up one square and learned a valuable lesson in not having the rotary cutter to hand when drawing the diagonal lines, I was gaily drawing away when I grabbed the cutter by mistake and carefully cut the square in half!!! "Oh! %$%^(*)^$" was what I said as I produced 2 lovely HST's.
now they are pinned into pairs ready to sew and cut.
Well while out shopping today I bought some Crumpets I haven't had crumpets for years so that's my tea sorted, so right now I'm off to toast them and make a cuppa before settling down with a good film and some knitting.
Nightie Night Folks.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The sun is shining and....

When I popped out to meet a friend for coffee, LOOK what I found in the High Street today... Yarn Bombing for the Jubilee all red white and blue and fluttering in the breeze.
Lil Ole Me taken by Jennie
Pom Poms and bunting in the tree
and further down the high Street by the tree on the left of this picture
The bicycle racks received the treatment too!
Love those little 'crowns' on the posts!
It's the '.Wool Stop's 1st birthday.. so if your in town do drop in its small but 'perfectly formed' and your assured of a very warm welcome
Spot the photographer
Hmmm! wonder who did that,... I stood around listening for about 20 minutes and passers by were heard to exclaim ''Ooooh Its real knitting!'' and many stopped to look closer and to run their hands over the textures, I even saw a few fella's who could'nt resist having a closer look and touching it!
Now! last time I promised you some more catching up and sight of the Mug Rugs I received in the MR swap well here they are and are'nt they great, so a great big THANK YOU to Wendy from Yorkshire who sent them

 there were some other 'goodies' in the parcel too
some lovely birdhouse fabric
this greeting card 
and this post card
I missed CTQ in May due to having Ted here for a week,(10th - 19th) while DD and co were on holiday in Pembrokshire, they came back and he went home for 4 days before coming back here for a long weekend. So lots of lovely early morning walks for us both but sadly no sewing got done, I cannot leave him downstairs or he will sit on the living room window sill and bark at passers by (and gave the postie a nasty shock once or twice, I can tell you!!) I did try having him in the workroom with me but he kept laying behind my 'wheelie' chair and getting run over, so instead I took my Knitting out into the garden and he seemed happier with that. As Ted cannot be left (he frets and starts barking) I did a 'deal' with DH to give up a days cricket so I could go to Malvern on 18th, I can't say I found it a great show this year nothing that made me say WOW! but I had a great day spent with a friend and her daughter. I also met up with Giles (touchandsew) and family so we had a lovely catch up. Not many purchases this year tho. 
Just one small carrier bag, the sheep fabric was a gift from Kate & Ruby!
I fell in love with these little charms and when I find the wires I'll make some cute earrings
Here are a few pictures from the show of quilts that did catch my eye.
Addictive by Heather Russell. Shropshire
Draco by Liz Binns, Lancashire
Friendship Quilt by Juliet Nelmes. Somerset
Detail - 1/4" hexagons
Holiday Album by Cauldron - Group Quilt
One of the panels
Panels joined by beads.
Recycled Life by Clarice Knowles. Worcestershire
detail of 'rag rug' technique used in the above
Happy Days on the Beach by Joan Phillips Plymouth
Oh! before I go our newest quilter at CTQ is here, Poppy Alice arrived safe and sound on 10th May (See last post) We decide not to make a quilt for her but all contributed to a 'Baby Shower', I'm going to visit on Wednesday and deliver it so here's a picture of the little cardi I made to put in, and a picture of the 'shower' and card.

Cute card made by Cilla, one of John's friends
Well better go this is turning into a short story...
Byeee for now