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Thursday, 23 April 2020

September 21st and still here!

Found this in my archive as an unpublished post from April 2019
Hello Dear Readers,
Again it's been a while since I was last here, not a lot has happened in that time, and I have no excuse except to say that I have discovered yet more podcasts on You Tube and spend quite a lot of my time glued to the TV watching those while knitting or crocheting. I can highly recommend them and I have to say it does make me feel more connected to the craft related world. 
On the crafting front I am still knitting almost obsessively, with no less than 11 WIPS on the needles, far too many to show you them all.

The Vintage style sweater I began in March has been on the back-burner since June.
I joined a new Knitting group on Monday afternoons at a Local Pub. we are very small at the moment but new knitters pop up from time to time, the group is run by Stella (find her on Instagram as Stellaknits) a lovely lady who makes the most beautiful garments. shawls and socks - lots of socks.

JUNE: Knit in Public Day. I was involved with Stella in a charity event. We were very well supported by the owners of the pub and though we didn't make lots of money (£30) a good day was had as we sat in the sun outside the White Horse PH (see link above). The Charity we chose was Metachromatic-leukodystrophy a cause close to our knitting community's heart as the Grandaughter of Tina of Looby Lou Yarns has this life limiting disease. I am hoping to revive this blog (yet again) so hopefully it will not be sooo long til I'm back.


Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Rolling along

March 26th
Hello Dear Readers. 
I seem to be on a crafty roll since the last time I spoke to you

Completed projects.
Just before my fur baby Barney came to his forever home, I made a Crochet Cat Cave using 4 strands of DK held together (all from my scrap bag) and a 6mm hook. Based on a tutorial from Bob Wilson 123 This is one of the You Tube channels I have been following and her tutorials are great, and easy to follow, especially if you are a beginner. However after a couple of tries Barney decided it was not for him so... I unpicked the top and left it open with high sides and guess what? He loves it.

Back in December I shared a picture of the Nativity characters made by the members of  the Knit 'n' Knatter group I attend twice monthly. Someone at the Church made a lovely Stable to house it all and it was displayed throughout the Holiday season AND they have asked if they can use it for their 2020 Christmas cards. We are all delighted and of course we have agreed that they may.

Doesn't it look great all lit with fairy lights?

Last time I shared the updating of 'Eddie', my polystrene hat model which was looking a bit grubby. I was in the process of using Decoupage to tidy her up. Below is the finished item. I've shown the back and front or a full effect.

Completed Projects
I have a neat power pack that carries enough charge to keep my mobile going if the battery runs low when I am out and about, I'm usually pretty careful to keep my phone fully charged but, emergencies do crop up (as happened when Mum was in Hospital) The little plastic bag it came with had seen better days and so I decided to crochet a new one using an oddment of sock yarn and a 3mm hook, I'm very happy with the result.

On The needles /Works in Progress
Way before Christmas I decided to knit  myself a sweater after seeing a 'vintage style' pattern in a women's magazine, I bought the yarn online from Deramore's and I have to say I found their service very efficient with my order arriving 3 days later. However the yarn got put away once it arrived, but last week I decide to make a start

The pattern called for Stylecraft Life DK and I chose shade number 2497 - Hyacinth, it's a premium acrylic yarn with 25% wool. I'm pleased with the yarn and the way it's knitting up and the stitch definition is very good. Iv'e decided not to work the 'V' shape rib pattern on the back but continue with just the 5 x 1 rib.

I'm currently knitting another of my Hats, which I loosely call my 'on the go knitting' and also a scarf from a free pattern I found on Ravelry, in an effort to using up a bit more of the stash. I'll try to update you on those next time.

During recent events, I have not been reading anything, there is a book on my night table which I was enjoying but it has sat there for weeks untouched, I do love reading and will read most things (not Sci Fi or Horror!) and I really should get back to it.

Finally Iv'e been giving a lot of thought to this Blog, I've been wondering thqt after my very long absence last year if anyone actually bothers to read it? I know previously I had a few loyal followers but wonder if they are still looking for my posts. Do I 'prattle' too much about the trivia in my life? Should I try to section it off as I have experimented with today. So if you are reading this PLEASE have a look at previous posts for comparison and let me know what you think.