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Friday, 26 September 2014

'Just how many knitting projects are too many?'

On Monday evening at Knitter Knatter the above question was posed and the answer seems to have been agreed at 8 if you have 7 you have one for everyday of the week, any more and you don't have a day to work on them! Phew that was a relief as I currently have several on the go but not that many - Well not quite anyway! I know things are getting serious when I start knitting in bed (which I am doing again!!) The problem is I have a bit of a hiatus on the large sweater problem for DH (see previous posts) which despite having 4 (YES FOUR) goes at getting it right, is still coming out too big. So I have given up on the cheapo yarn bought at a cut price store and resorted to ordering the correct yarn for the pattern from the lovely Tina at The Wool Stop. Then there are 'the hats' 7 at the last count, they are basic beanie hats for the homeless made from left over bits and pieces, I make them as 'fillers' for when things are quiet on the knitty front but once I start they just keep appearing, especially since I started knitting them in the round... Sooo much quicker!!!Then this week I started some pretty cabled wrist warmers, plus I'm still knitting squares for the Rowan Knit Along, and then today my Knitting magazine arrived and it has the cutest little reindeer kit to knit for Christmas which is just calling out to be made!!!.
So what else has been happening around here since my  last post.. first the most exciting news is the Architect came back with the completed plans for my new workroom ans after a few 'tweaks' they have been sent off too the planning office for approval so we now have an eight week wait to see if we can start building. At the end of August DD & Co bought a tent, they came over and practised putting it up in the garden and as you can see it is very roomy, so roomy in fact we had to put it up in the neighbour's garden as it didn't quite fit on the lawn between the rockery and the path in ours.
They managed a few days on The Gower Peninsular (here) earlier this month and managed to get the last of the good weather, Little GD had a great time running in and out of the sea and rock pooling with daddy.
I've done a bit of fabric weaving and made this cover for a little needlebook
My sister in law popped in to leave me this delightful bundle of premmie knits to sent to the local hospital.
Like me she knits all the time and is always making baby things to send to expectant Mums who are work colleagues of her daughters, all of the above were made from her leftover yarns and include bootees, mitts and hats as well as the cute cardi.
A while ago a friend asked me if I could make up a soft toy knitted by her grandmother before she died, I said I would have a look but that I am not good at finishing knitted toys, the bag she gave me contained all the knitted parts' for a clown doll made from a Jean Greenhowe book, and recently I was telling a friend about it at knitting group when one of the ladies there offered to do it for her, it was returned last week and what a splendid fellow he is...
 DH went to out pick and I quote 'a few blackberries' and came back with over 7lbs so a Jam making session ensued
Autumn Fruits
Setting point
equals 10lbs of lovely Jam
There have been babysitting duties with little H including a 2 night stay here for her while DD and DSIL had their belated honeymoon, they went 'glamping' which is a sort of luxury camping holiday, staying in a Shepherds Hut that had all the 'mod cons' of a comfortably appointed cottage.(See Here) H and I had a great time, on the Friday we went shopping on the bus. Then on Saturday we did some baking and took along a few cakes to share with the lovely ladies at Clock Tower before setting off for a picnic lunch at the local Animal Park and Adventure playground at Old Down Country Park (here) which she just loved and spent around 3 1/2 hours bouncing,
 and running around, getting muddy and very tired, she slept 12 hours straight Saturday night then on Sunday she had her favorite 'Roasty chicken lunch' followed by Blackberry & apple crumble with custard before going home with Mum & Dad.
In between all this I have been working on a project for a challenge and have used these
 to make these...

all will become clear when I reveal the final project which I am making for a challenge. I'll also be using some of these fabrics and these nifty notions.


Well that's about it for tonight, the film I've been watching while writing this is over and it's waaaay past my bedtime so goodnight all. Lxx