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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Back in Circulation!

Its been a long couple of weeks, I was supposed to get back here on 24th January and and introduce myself for the 'Grow your Blog' which I eagerly joined, but life went a bit haywire around then. Now things have calmed down I guess I better get on with it. First up my blog has grown and I now have 32 followers so if you are one of the lovely people who have joined me then may I offer you a very warm welcome. 
So! what about me, as it says in my blog profile I am a 60+ quilter and have been crafting for most of my life in one form or another, we are a small family starting with the eldest- my Mum who is 88, R my husband who is the love of my life, (and is currently building me a new craft room). We have a son and a daughter (45 & 36 years) and 2 Granddaughters (16 & 3 years). So what do I look like, photos of me are few as I'm usually behind the camera so probably this is the most recent picture (be warned tho this is not the most flattering picture of me ever...)
But it sort of sums me up as I love cake!!! and in my book cake and quilting sorta go together (and this was a very special cake, and hot chocolate) consumed during a very special holiday so did not count in my constant battle of the bulge!!!!)
Next I should tell you what I get up to in my crafting life, I learned to knit at around 7 years of age, learning embroidery and how to use a sewing machine around the same time. I did dressmaking and knitting while the children were growing up, till it got to the stage where they would not wear anything I made for them (how rude!!!), then having discovered a desire to 'do something with my hands' I turned to Cross stitch (for which I did commissions), till in the mid 80's I 'discovered' Patchwork and quilting. All aspects of which which I am passionate about (tho I think my favorite is Crazy Patchwork as I can use my embroidery skills). I have worked as an Embroidery/Quilting Design Consultant for Coats Crafts and as a Knitting D.C. for Rowan . I currently belong to 3 quilt groups - 2 evening ones and a Saturday 'Sit and Sew' group which I started 7 years ago. I also belong to a local Knit & Knatter group. I have constantly tried other crafts which are as diverse as En-caustic wax and wool felting and I would love to have a go at dying or fabric painting but maybe later....and there you have it me in a nutshell.