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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Last Post for 2015

Hi there!
I finally started the Big (Huge) move into my new sewing room, but got a bit waylaid when a project popped into my head, so I have now actually sewn in there too. For now though I have hit a slight hiatus, DH needs to access space under the floorboards in the master bedroom to carry out some fairly urgent electrical work,  but to do this he needed to empty the large walk in cupboard in there. Now this is where my yarn stash is hidden (um! I mean stored of course!) so now the content of that cupboard have been moved into the old sewing room which means I cannot actually get in there at the moment. So I will continue with my new project until the move can get back under way. Suffice to say sewing in the new space is certainly inspiring, the light from the two big Windows is fantastic and I'm even experimenting with my machine by using the stop/start button instead of using the foot pedal (scary!)
For tonight though I am celebrating the forthcoming new year in my usual way, - in front of the TV in my pj's with a quilt over my knees and knitting at the ready -ah bliss! May I wish all my friends and readers a Very Happy New Year, see you all in 2016. Lxx

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Festive Greetjngs!

Wishing all my friends A Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 2016. We are all ready (including the sprouts-(yuck!).
Our day will be tinged with sadness tomorrow as our daughter's lovable little spaniel Ted lost his struggle against recent ill health and fell asleep for the last time today.
Happier times - Ted on holiday at grandma's house.