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Monday, 5 November 2012

Arrrgh! Seminole part 2

Well you may all be wondering how the Seminole is going. Well having got all the strip sets cut last week, today I started sewing them together, and and carefully pressing all the seams in the right direction.
 To make sure I was going in the 'right direction' I made a practise piece.
 Now for the 'real thing' I thought. I was really organised (or so I thought!) I sewed then pressed each set in turn it to make life easier (or so I thought!!) then starting again with set one, I carefully measured, cut and reversed the sections ready to sew
it was then I spotted the first mistake!!! I realised that during all the careful cutting last week (not so careful it turns out LOL) I had cut a strip 1.5" instead of 1.25" so instead of looking like this..
it looked like this................
you will notice I have changed the colours no great design choice, I simply did not have enough of the other fabrics left :-( However I sewed it together anyway to see what it would look like and I quite like it so will keep it for future use. Yesterday I was sorting through my bag of bits and found the only other piece of Seminole I ever attempted 
and it made a good reference for this 2nd set which just needs trimming.
Well  that's it for today, I'm off to Slimming World to see what damage I have done this week then its my turn to drive to WPQ tonight so I better get ready


  1. Always something to keep us thinking!

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  3. Well done I think they look great it just shows you can do it with a little practice and plenty of patience