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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cutting all done!

As those who popped by yesterday will know I'm making Seminole panels ( or %^$£$(&% panels as I call them! LOL). Well by close of play yesterday I got all the strips cut, I was helped in part by finding these in the usable scrap bag...
some 2 - 3"strips in nice 'autumy colours', not the fabrics usually found in Seminole I know, but I AM NOT buying any fabric (well not this week anyway :-)) Oh Damn I need 1/2 metre for the inner linings and I know I don't have anything that will go with these... Oh well! I pressed on and after about 2 hours I had managed to cut the 5 sets needed to make the panels and now I have these
all ready for a days sewing. 
DD & little H will be here tomorrow with 1 hairy monster.. are all Retrievers still moulting even when its getting cold?? and Ted of course, so won't get up here tomorrow, but I should have a clear day on Saturday so maybe ..... just maybe!
I'm off to SVQ tonight with my Chairman's hat on, plus Sheila and I are doing the talk with slides of our Hols in New England last year. Sheila's doing the technical bit with the laptop and projector and I will be doing the talking (no surprises there then chirps 'im indoors!) We gave a 20min. talk at WPQ in July and that was OK so we've added a bit more to stretch it out for tonight. Hope they like it.
Here's one of the pictures we'll be using so go on have a laugh.......

This coffee shop was in Rouses Point (New York State) and was straight out of 'Friends', I kept thinking Pheobe would pop in any minute! The coffee & Pastries were to die for and as you can see from my face I was definitely not counting calories Well better dash.

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  1. Yum!!! Good luck on the Seminole!!!