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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Just Sharing!

Its almost tea time in the Monkey Business household but before I jet crawl off to the kitchen I just thought I would share this with you.
A couple of years ago I managed to arrange for a school located in Bristol for Children of all ages who are deaf/blind and with life limiting illness's to receive 50 Project Linus quilts through the area Rep. Every family who  received a quilt was delighted and very touched. About 6 months ago Helen (my friend at the school) asked me if I could ask for some more quilts, as new parents at the school having seen other quilts wanted to know if they could get one for their own son/daughter, don't worry says I leave it with me (as you do!) However on making enquiries I discovered that this area no longer has a Linus rep, so I launched an appeal through Severn Valley Quilters & Westbury Park Quilter's newsletters that the school was in need of some more quilts. Some offers came in and 2 weeks ago I received the 1st quilt from the Gill at WPQ

Then last Wednesday at SVQ I was handed a bag containing what I thought was another one, much to my surprise when it was opened out came these beauties...

all of these have been made by a long standing member - Phyllis who is over 80 years old, to say I was dumbstruck is an understatement. Aren't they great?
Be back soon


  1. Such a blessing! Such a wonderful thing, the Linus Project! So happy to hear of your wonderful response.....many more hearts will be touched...hugs, D

    1. Doreen, Thank you for your kind comment they are always appreciated.