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Friday, 5 October 2012

Early One Morning?

As some of you know I get up early to knit! so the other morning around 7am while having quiet cup of tea in the conservatory, a small movement caught my eye outside the window.... wondering what it was, I got outta my chair to look! There in the large shrub outside the window was the prettiest spider I ever did see, so in Jim Jams and slippers I went out for a closer look - quite brave don't you think? not the going out in my jim jams bit but looking closely at a spider, 'cause I don't like spiders, I would not harm one you understand but I keep a very wide berth or scream for 'im indoors' if I see one. However this one was pretty, he/she had a very large web between the shrub and the nearby wall and had just caught his/her breakfast which I suppose is why I saw it move. I ran back inside for my camera but by the time I came back he had gone under a leaf.  I went back to my tea while keeping an eye out, and around 10 minutes later it reappeared. So camera in hand off I went again! this time I could see it but not clearly as a small branch was in the way so.... and this folks is the very BRAVE bit, I got the camera all set up for a close up shot and holding it (the camera) at arms length I gingerly lifted the twiggy bit out of the way with the other hand and pressed the shutter, this is what I got..
Damn!.... it was upside down so, I waited another little while and then (and this is the VERY BRAVEST BIT of all) I repeated the exercise and managed to get him when he was right side up and posing nicely on a leaf. 
Isn't he/she nice (as long as it stayed at arms length I mean) but of course it was early and it was obviously a very polite spider who knew I was quaking in my slippers, and was not offended by the sight of me in my jim jams.  Not the best pictures in the world but ones for the folder of wildlife pictures I guess, If anyone out there happens to know it's name (not Bert or Edna or some such of course!) but the species of spider it might be I would be very interested to find out..
Well Tomorrow its the BIG DAY, Westbury Park Quilters are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a whole day of lovely treats Whoo hooo!!!!!
Celebrations are being held at a The Aztec Hotel & Spa and we start the day at 9.30am with coffee,  followed by an all day workshop with Helen Keenan. A Buffet lunch will be served between 12pm & 2pm so that we can stop when its convenient during our stitching, the workshop will end around 4pm when we can if we wish go and use the hotel swimming pool. This is to be followed at 7pm by a 3 course dinner when we will be joined by Helen, so I think a good time is to be had tomorrow. I will try to take lots of pictures and will let you know next week how we got on.


  1. That's a really, really good photo - and since I am quite a geek and your picture is so good, I can tell you that it is an adult European garden spider, sometimes also known as a cross spider, most probably female. Have fun at your quilting day - I'm jealous, I'll be at work :(

    1. Thank you Kim,
      Can't imagine being that 'clued' up on creepy spiders, but its good to know who she was. I love taking pictures of bugs though and then trying to find out who they are.Hope your day at work was not too stressful.