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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Arrrrrgh!!!! Seminole

Those who know me know I don't do little pieces, but and here's the rub, earlier this year we planned a workshop that did not run because not enough signed up to make it pay (it clashed with a couple of other things we had no control over!), those that did sign up were disappointed so we rescheduled and that's when the guilt set in. So I paid my money and signed on the proverbial dotted line. Trouble is it's a Seminole Workshop so lots zillions of little pieces, to make into panels as preparation and being me I only started  it today and the workshop is in 2 weeks, no excuses (well I did catch a 'fluey' type bug from DD and Little H) I simply did not make an effort to get them done, so today my workroom is resounding to the sound of me shouting A^**^^^* Seminole. What is it about guilt? I got involved in a Row Robin many years ago through a similar scenario, and my Row quilt is STILL not finished! but that's a whole different story!
On a better note I did tackle some projects on Saturday that came out OK. I was supposed to be going to Malvern with 3 friends and H the elder but the 'Fluey' thing kept me in bed for 36 hours (Weds/Thurs.) and I simply did not feel like passing it on or walking round the show, so decided to catch up on a few things up here. DH was not expecting me to be home so I told him to hold that thought and I spent the whole day sorting out and getting little sewing jobs done, so the sum total of the day resulted in 3 Dog or Cat Beds made from all the cotton rubbish from my bit bag stored in 4 carrier bags  (and some passed on by friends)
this little badge is for me to wear at Knit & Knatter, this was the first time I have used a font on my machine and also the first time I had used Satin stitch to edge anything so although its a bit wonkey, it's all good practise.
and lastly 2 sofa throws made from the covers of an old Futon were hemmed. A couple of months ago I had helped DD load a Broken futon into the car to go to the tip, she said she would come back for the mattress, so I suggested it would be a sin to throw out all that lovely fabric and should I take the covers off while she as gone, after a bit of 'discussion' she agreed and I'm sure Monty & Ted will be happy to sleep on the new throws, after all blue is a very restful colour for a Retriever or a Spaniel to snooze on don't you agree?
Oh well back to the cutting board and all those little pieces!!! LOL


  1. Don't we wonder why we agree to "those" things (and they can be so varied, too!)!!!! Sounds like you "knocked off" several projects while under the weather....wow! You really did good! Hope you are back to tip top now!! Hugs, Doreen

  2. Busy,Busy Bee.
    At least you try things.
    Well done.