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Friday, 28 September 2012

They've Gone

My lovely and oh so neglected old sewing machines have gone! I decided some months ago that they had to go, I had run out of a space to show them, and they had become neglected. One was on the floor of the sewing room under a cloth, two were in a cupboard in the other room and one was in the garage! I wanted them to be used/useful so asked around for charities that may be able to use, them to no avail. Then just before I went on holiday I went along to the Local Food Fair, to look around and pass an hour on my own, the fair is held in Castle Street Thornbury (below) and the road looks very much the same as its been for generations, I love the food fairs and often come home with some lovely locally produced bread, meat or some hand made sweeties.
Whilst there I came across a small stall outside one of the houses selling bric a brac, pausing to see if they had any good 2nd hand toys. (I have seen bits and pieces for sale outside this house from time to time and often wondered what it was about.) I spoke with one of the ladies there who explained to me about Butterfly Space a charity project in Malawi where her daughter Alice lives and works, I asked if they could use the machines and this was met with great enthusiasm as they need hand machines desperately. Widows from the surrounding villages are taught how to sew at the Butterfly Space centre, when they are proficient enough they are given a hand sewing machine to take back to their village where it is used to help them make a living, this gives them a chance to make a living and enables them to more easily bring up their children without the constant worry of malnutrition etc.
This was, I knew the answer and a fitting place for 'my girls' so on Monday I delivered the four machines to them and was assured they will be on their way to Malawi in just a few weeks.
one of 'the girls' gone to a better home!


  1. That's a wonderfully kind thing to do - those machines will make an unimaginably massive impact on those women's lives. You should be proud.

    1. Thank you for visiting Kim and for your kind comments.