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Friday, 7 September 2012

Holidays beckon

Well! not back as soon as I hoped but I have not been idle, I have spent the week getting up at 6am to do some knitting, Little H needs a cream cardie to wear at a christening she is attending with her Mum & Dad next Sunday (16th), I made the main part of one, then discovered it was not going to fit :-(( So a second has been started, and hopefully it will get done in time. By getting up early I have time to knit a few rows before the day starts in earnest, and it's sooo peaceful at that time of day and the light is amazing!!!! I sit in the conservatory and keep an eye on all the little birdies popping by for breakfast.
Here is a picture of the Froggie Bean bag started by H at the YQ day last week, and finished off before she went home on Sunday last - we decided to add straps so that the bit bag hung off the table slightly as 'Froggie' was not very heavy and kept sliding over the edge. He's based on a poisonous Blue Tree Frog which they have in Bristol Zoo (apparently!!)
I promised you I would let you know what won what prizes at the local Flower Show, Well a first prize went to my 'Rennie's Rose' cushion in the Hand Sewn Cushion class, I was well chuffed with this prize, my 'Colour Wash Experiment' wall hanging, my knitted tea cozy, a cross stitch picture and the photograph of the birch tree in the garden all gained third prizes so all in all not a bad day out and H and I rounded it all off with a scrummy Cream Tea. Here are the pictures I took of my exhibits,
The embroidered picture is mine too but did not win anything
              Beautifully displayed by H

and a couple of general views
Some of the craft exhibits
Floral exhibits- were all very beautiful
Heather and I had a great time at The American Museum near Bath on Tuesday, we got to talk to quite a few visitors,  the weather was warm and sunny, meaning we ate lunch on the terrace, and I got some hand sewing done on my Kantha work. I took some shots outside but unfortunately the quilt pictures did not come out at all well, Flash Photography is not allowed and all the quilts are in subdued light so I've included the only one that's worth looking at.
The main house, we sat to sew in the Quilt Room (bay window, 2nd story far left side)
Orangery restaurant and terrace

Covered Wagon - Front entrance

View from the Terrace

Star quilt - the colours do not do this justice A stunning Star Quilt, bright red & lime green stars on cream background with sublime hand quilting
Wednesday saw Heather and I off to Bath once more, this time to the Husqvarna Studio for a one day lesson on using the 'New Machine'. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the tutor Sylvia, is a lady I worked with for 4 years back in my Design Consultancy days and who sold me my trusty first Elna machine, so it was great to catch up with her AND I learned a lot HUGE amount about what my new Husqvarna Sapphire machine can really do, I have quite a few samples and copious notes, so now I'm eager to get her (The machine not Sylvia!!!) set up and working. But that may have to wait a bit as on Sunday we're off for a few days in the caravan, hoping to take advantage of a few days of Autumn sunshine before winter arrives (or more rain) Its been a busy year so far with Mum's move etc so we have not been able to fit in any caravanning. We aim to leave Sunday for the South Devon coast and return on Friday next.

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