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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sewing Time?

Hello All,
I came here to my workroom to sew around 6 hours ago and so far I ain't sewed nothin!
First up I am responsible for producing a newsletter each month for WPQ it's due out Monday so I thought I should get that sorted out first, took me longer than normal (and it usually takes me a couple of hours) it's a busy month for the group with the AGM, then on 6th October it's the group's 20th birthday celebration, all the information for both had to go on this issue. 
The WPQ committee have planned a day at a local hotel for a workshop with Helen Keenan (or do your own thing) which promises to be 'interesting' as she encourages students to cut without using A ROTARY CUTTER.:-0 Lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included plus we can use the Hotel swimming pool and have time to get into our 'glad rags' between the workshop and evening dinner. I am really looking forward to it I can tell you, tho not sure about the rotary cutter bit - all sounds a bit hairy scary to me :-)
Anyways, for my next trick I have to make an item -anything I fancy on the theme of 'Celebration', this being Chairman's Challenge at SVQ for 2012. So far I haven't started and it's all supposed to be secret so I can't say too much, I have till next Wednesday (YES! that's right Next Wednesday) this is the fabric I found at Malvern

and I'd like to do something with these!
Intrigued? so am I!!! LOL. I'll let you know how I get on (and if I finish it) next time. The meeting will be a sit and 'sewcialise' evening and we hope to be joined by Pamela a quilter of 40 years experience who is here from Montana  visiting relatives, I'm sure we will enjoy talking with her.
Our darling little H has been very poorly for the last few days, she was here with her Mum on Thursday and seemed fine but after going home spent the entire evening being VERY sick, on Friday morning she seemed better, but then she refused all food or even a biscuit (unheard of) and last night the sickness returned, they took her to the out of hours Doctor today, he has diagnosed a nasty Tummy Bug and has given them some re-hydration drinks for her. I do hope she recovers over the next couple of days, and returns to her mischievous self.
Well I better go and start sewing see you all soon.

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