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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Progress Update

Hello All!
Time for a little update on the projects mentioned in my last post, These are the fabrics I selected for the 'Mola' style workshop at Severn Valley Quilters.
I plan to suggest that the small piece I have designed could be used as fabric postcards for either Valentine's Day or as a greeting card, with the sentiment written on the calico backing with a Pigma pen or similar or they could embroider it on. I have decided that we should start with a size of 6.5" so if necessary we can cut them down a little before adding a binding, and I'm suggesting only 2-3 layers and to include a piece of wadding. This is because my first attempt seemed a bit 'limp'. Luckily as I has stitched it Soooo carefully none of my stitches showed on the back and I was able to take off the backing and add some wadding before completing the final layer. it now looks like this...
trimmed and ready for binding which I shall probably do by machine to 'stiffen the edge a little, then add some beads or maybe some embroidery or maybe some both!! I have assembled the next piece and am in the throes of finding a design that fits the size but will not be too fiddly to work on for the various skill levels at Group. I took my 2nd attempt along to the SVQ sewing afternoon yesterday but forgot to take my template DOH!!! so I acted as 'tea lady' and sat and chatted with the others.
My Knitting progress is slow going at snail's pace, It was the fortnightly meeting of 'Knit & Knatter' last Monday evening and I was able to pick the brains of a more experienced knitter to work out how to make short sleeves for 'that sweater' (the one I ran out of yarn for) Jean (bless her!!) spent ages helping me and I am now following her instructions, but have decided to make a 'prototype' using some of the left over yarn from the 4 colour version of the same sweater (which is finished but needs sewing up!). I found out that it was due to a yardage difference between the 2 different yarns that caused the problem, almost 40yards less in each 50gm ball:-O You would assume the yarn company would have thought of that when they worked out the requirements for the pattern.
As for the Diary Cover, I was rooting around and came across this, (sorry its a bit fuzzy)
a book cover I made as a sample when I took a workshop on making book covers about 2 years ago, its about the right size so I have opened it up and will try to adapt it for my current diary,
Next I shall take the lining off and go from there, I may add a bit more hand or machine embroidery on the main areas as I think it looks a bit 'bare' in places.
Well! I'll be back soon. I'm off to do a bit more to the Mola project.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Lovely to think you're just down the road! The embroidery on the book cover is so pretty. Maggie xx

  2. Oh Lorraine you are so clever! I adore both the book cover and the block, they're beautiful, well done you!!