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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Just thought I would pop in to let you know what's going on here.... basically not much, though I do have a few couple of projects burbling away in the back of my brain (Yes I have got one folks, though if you were  see me some days you would never believe it!). But before I digress I completely forgot to tell you what I had for Christmas. K,S & H gave me the book I wanted - 'Call the Midwife' and some of my fave smellies. DD & I gave me 2 lovely framed pictures of my darling GD plus a CD of The military Wives which is playing (again) as I talk to you. My Brother gave me some much needed snazzy new socks - how did he know that I needed some??? I also got an Admiral Fitzroy's Storm gauge, which has me baffled as to how it works but looks great on the opposite end of the mantle to the Galileo Thermometer I got several years ago. I like geeky things like that! Along with these things we got joint gifts like tins of biscuits and sweets (ooop! there goes the diet - again!! LOL) DH and I had agreed not to exchange gifts this year so nothing to show there. From the Secret Santa swap at WPQ I received this cute little pattern and pretty blue FQ plus the item below which I am reliably informed is great for pressing seams really flat , I'll let you know on that when I've used it.
 Here is a picture from Christmas day of H the elder wearing her latest fashion statement.... are you ready for this?? When she said she wanted this 'creation' I was not sure she really had the nerve but Good on Ya Girl!
and here's one of Little H who is looking very pensive at the sight of ALL THAT CHOCOLATE!! none of which was hers by the way!
Now earlier I mentioned 1 or 2 projects, first has to be some small pieces needed as samples for a mini workshop which I am doing at SVQ following our AGM at the end of the month, I 'volunteered' for something along the lines of a Mola Applique project on a Valentine/ Greeting card theme, I have made a start and as its a hand stitched project I assembled all my needs on a tray which is now ready by my TV chair in the living room, I have done type of thing before, making a small sample for my talk on patchwork techniques  from around the world, and was delighted when this work was featured in  a TV series called 'Tribal Wives' several years ago.
Next I have had an idea to cover this boring 'filofax' style diary, I've have had the cover for years and not used it but I got fed up having a diary, notebook, address book, pens etc rattling around my bag so having managed to get a 2013 dairy insert I thought it should see light of day, its got a 'loopy bit' to hold a pen and a tab to keep it shut so I thought I may be able to use the automatic buttonhole on the machine to make slots to put those through, I need to give it some thought and it could be a bit hit and miss but hey ho it's all such fun.

 Finally for a word of warning to all stitchers out there, while making the Advent Calendar for Little H I had a nasty accident, well not me exactly but the iron. As you may remember making the calendar meant using lots of bond a web so the iron was on the whole time, I had followed all the rules of having paper above and below the piece being ironed to protect the iron & board from the 'sticky stuff ' etc but not had bothered to clear the work table. Then during a tricky bit I managed to knock the iron over, whereon it landed hot side down on a CARRIER BAG which of course melted all over the sole plate, after a hasty search for the iron cleaner and some frantic attempts to use it (it had disintegrated to powder and was completely useless) I was almost in tears, so in desperation and well prepared for the 'I told you to tidy up' and 'you should have started sooner' theme I went in search of DH. Who to my surprise was completely supportive :-o He said 'he would see what he could do' but thought a new iron may be needed. JOY of joys when he returned from the recesses of the garage, holding aloft my iron which was PRISTINE CLEAN. Apparently the answer was none other than good old Turpentine Spirit, so girls if even after this warning you let your iron come in contact with a carrier bag this is the solution (sorry about the pun, but I couldn't resist!)
And finally - finally this is what is on my reading table for tonight,

I got this from the library today and have been waiting to read it since I saw someone else with a copy in the dentist waiting room, as I only have it till 26th Jan I will have to 'suspend' my other books for a while, I'll let you know what I think.
Bye for now.


  1. Our water up here in Yorkshire is so hard that irons don't usually last longer then a year anyway, but I will definitely bear that in mind! Good reading!

  2. Thank you for for dropping by Kim and your for your comments which are always really appreciated.