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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

I've Found It...

the blog where I saw the Scrappy Trip Around block (click here) to check out the lovely Laura Jane's blog for more info.
I made the first block a couple weeks back and it looks like this..
 Then last Saturday, I got carried away and made 2 more blocks in less than 2 hours! which look like this...
I pinned them all up together on the wall and liked what I saw...
but of course I need to make a lot more blocks to get an idea of an 'overall effect. So I'm going to cut LOTS more strips and see what I get! I'll keep you posted.
I've finished the book I told you about in my post on 5th Jan. I found 'Woman in Berlin' un-put-downable. Whoever this woman was, told her horrific story in a calm matter of fact way with out over-dramatizing her experiences. I for one was completely unaware of these events following WW2 although I knew things were bad for Germany at this time. I would highly recommend this book as a frank account of events which took place in Berlin.
Finally before I head off to the cutting board to cut more strips, when I had my 'tidy up' in the workroom the other day I came across a large carrier bag which I thought contained orphan blocks. The bag, which was passed to me when a previous member of SVQ moved away had fallen out of its place in the pile of 'stuff to be sorted' so I thought I would sort it out and came across this little quilt
It will go to the chosen charity for SVQ this year which I'm delighted to report will be the Woodlands Centre in Bristol. (see previous post 2.10.12). There were a lots of orphan blocks in the bag too which I hope will be taken by some of our members and made into quilts for the children using the centre.
Well off to the cutting/ironing board.


  1. I have forwarded the book recommendation to a friend of mine who will be very interested in it - thank you for this. Its great to see this lovely quilt go to charity! Well done :)

  2. Like your scrappy Trip blocks. I've made 11 so far and they are addictive. Thought it would make a dent in my stash but hardly touched it!

    1. Thanks Sue, not got much further with mine I'm sad to report.