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Friday, 8 February 2013

It's arrived!

I received the information for the mug rug swap this week (a week which has been very fraught & hectic, and which has left me needing a boost such as this!) and I am sooo excited, and can't wait to start the 2 MR's  to send off to my swap partner. I've been over to their blog to see what they like regards colour etc but did not get any definite ideas so I guess I'll go with my instincts and make something I would like to receive and hope they like it. Tomorrow is a sewing day with SVQ so, if I get my act together tonight and sort out the fabrics hopefully tomorrow I can make a start on the cutting and sewing. I have to 'ship the goods' by 18th March so have noted in my calendar for 1 week before, to give me time to post them off.
I really need some me time right now because, 2 weeks ago we learned that my little Brother (10 years my junior, single and with mental health problems) has a large growth in his lung, then 3 days later my darling Mum decides to go out into the garden 'against my orders' thinking she is helping by doing a few chores, has a fall and breaks her right wrist with a nasty Colles fracture. This week began with J (my Brother) undergoing a lung biopsy and a renewed Plaster on my Mother's arm as the first one was too tight!! So all things considered I have seen quite a lot of the inside of our 2 local hospitals for the time being so I am looking  forward to some stitching time in the company of like minded friends.
Tho there has not been much sewing here of late, I have been busy on the knitting 'front' I have made a new cover for my hot water bottle and almost finished another one to give away, I started a teeny preemie cardi to pass on to the local NICU unit. I love making them and need to concentrate a bit on the pattern once it's under way so it keeps all those thoughts from swilling round and round in this thing I call my brain, as much as I try not to think of the 'what if's' they do sometimes creep in there when I'm not looking.
So my friends I'm afraid I have no new pictures to show you this time but I will do my best to take some very soon and I hope you will be patient.


  1. sending you a hug i thought you might need one, D. x