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Monday, 11 February 2013

Still Sane - JUST!

Hello all,
Just popping by to show you what I've achieved since we last spoke, here is a picture of the sweater for Little H I told you about last time, this is the one that I ran out of yarn for and had to re-make the sleeves as a short version! 
 I think it turned out OK and DD likes it so that's all that matters, I've bought some cute wooden Teddy bear buttons but I'm not sure I like them with the colour so will wait till I've spoken to DD on that one!
Last Saturday I surprised myself and had a good time at the SVQ sewing day (I nearly did not go!), I cut and sewed strips ready to cut for another 9 Scrappy Trip Around blocks which I was very pleased about so they currently look like this... ready to cut and open out
I did manage to gather together some fabrics for the Mug Rug Swap 
but did not get started on that as I popped out to the High Street for an hour over lunch to meet my Brother and his partner for a quick cuppa and of course we got chatting .. like you do..  had a good laugh (much needed!) and ran out of time to get any cutting/sewing done on them. 
I should have a day at home on Wednesday while waiting for news of J's biopsy results so hopefully I'll get some sewing time in to keep my mind off waiting for the phone to ring. After much discussion between us we have decided that I would take all calls from the Doctors or the cancer unit here so that Mum does not have to take messages for J, she does her best, but her hearing is not so good these days (but please don't tell her that!!) so she gets a bit muddled, plus it will save her getting any bad news by telephone as J and I want to be able to plan how, what and when we tell her things. Tonight is WPQ's meeting when we will be finishing off a few little projects for the Exhibition next Saturday, I'm going in an effort to keep life as normal as possible between phone calls, appointments etc.
Well I'm off to take J to another appointment so I'll sign off and grab my knitting ready for a long wait.
See you soon I hope.
P.S. I just discovered that this is my 100th post since starting my blog Whooo Hooo!!!


  1. Congrats on your 'milestone'!!! I pray that the biopsy call will be good news. The little sweater turned out so well despite the yarn shortage....very nice. Blessings, Doreen

    1. Thank you for your comment Doreen! much appreciated.

  2. I'm just finishing a scrappy quilt - my daughter picked the colours out over half term - it's okay, but not my usual style. I'm currently auctioning some quilts for charity, so that may go on the 'to be auctioned' pile :) Hope the news wasn't too terrible - and you're ok xx

    1. Thanks Kim, the news was much worse than we had hoped but we're trying to keep smiling!!!!