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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

To all my blogging friends and anyone else who happens by and reads this. First of all I must say Hi! to Dee who sent me simply the best card for an ape lover like me - so Thank You Dee, the card will join my ape picture gallery when it's taken down after the holidays. Despite all good intentions I did not make it back here before the 'Big Day' so as I did not get any sewing done during the festivities I guess I better start the New Year by sharing with you the Show 'n' Tell from Severn Valley Quilter's Oct/Nov meetings which somehow I overlooked
I have managed to work out which month they were shown simply by the sweater I am wearing!! LOL and they are not in any specific order.  I do not have all the owners names as now I am Chairman I tend to just hand my camera to someone in the front row and ask them to snap away, and rely on my memory as to who owns what! (so if any members happen to read this please get in touch and let me know who owns what!
First up, this beauty by Jane, it's not well displayed unfortunately, as one of us holding up the corners got distracted just as the shutter clicked!
October - Amanda's wall hangings
October - Baby Quilt
October - Flying Geese Bag
October - The blues and greens in here were lovely sadly the picture did not capture them too well
October - This one I know is Carol's
November - Cary's 'Poppies'

Playmat for an expected grandchild by Heather
November - 9 patches on point with a french braid border
November - Kate's 'Stars Quilt'  one of our newer members
and the back
October - Carol's 'Kaleidoscope' quilt    

November - These last 2 shots are the front and back of Sue's Lighthouse Quilt
Well its been a dry day today Yaaay!! and I have dried my Laundry in the garden, (double Yaaay!!)  it's now around that time of day when the air gets damp so I'll have to go get it in or it'll be as wet as when I put it out!
So that's all for today, I'll try to be back soon.

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  1. THAT - is a whole lot of beautiful quilts! It must be so motivating to know other people locally who also quilt, I'm envious. Happy New Year!!