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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Not much to Report!

Except that on Thursday night IT SNOWED!!! Yay!!!! We had about 6"
Back garden

The pond, with waterfall still running

Front garden
That was till we had to go out to the shops:-(((  Our road was like glass, but off we went with DH driving. The supermarket was empty of people, more staff than customers ... BLISS! Overheard conversation between 2 staff saying that on Thursday (before the snow!) they took more money than any day on the run up to Christmas as people 'stockpiled' before the BIG freeze. Apparently one husband & wife pair had 2 trollies - 1 full of shopping and 1 full of ALCOHOL??? guess their priorities differ from mine somewhat. 
Now! when we do the shopping he drops me at the Supermarket then goes off to do the banking, however he returns from his trip to High Street more than a bit cross to have found our Bank closed due to 'severe weather'. When he inquired on Monday they said their staff have to travel long distances to get to work! Hello! not our problem!, apparently one staff member travels every day from Birmingham (about 11/2 Hours from us). 
DD's area had snow too and I's school was closed so they took the boys and little H to the park, the boys love the snow and Monty will catch snowballs if you throw them in the air, however Little one was a bit bemused and did not like the way it blew in her face. So all in all it took longer to wrap her up warm than they spent out playing.
Saturday was the first 2013 meeting of CTQ so I had to go in case anyone turned up, several called off but  4 intrepid stitchers spent the day hand sewing and having a good laugh, by the time I drove home around 3pm there had been much clearing of snow and ice in our road by DH & neighbours so I got back into the driveway safe and sound.
Sunday the road had frozen again, DH fell on the way back from the paper shop, nothing damaged but pride thank goodness! I did not let Mum come for lunch, (couldn't risk a broken hip) instead I went round to her house for an hour or so, even the pavements were bad with ice and there were a couple of times I almost fell, coming back I walked in the road where it had been gritted.
Yesterday was a lovely day and at 4pm the view from the window was of a lovely sky (I just love nice skies!!!) 
we had another 1" or 2" last night but after much deliberation DD decided to travel down to us. She brought Little H's snow clothes and as soon as they arrived we wrapped her up and went out, This time she seemed a bit better tho a little uncertain about the grown ups addiction to 'the white stuff, then the boys started to play-fight, which made her laugh uncontrollably, very soon she was having a really good time and we well me really built a Snow-bear, the snow was not very good and did not hold together very well but here he is (STOP laughing! he's just small!)  (I can still hear you laughing!!)
and here is a picture of the Girl herself all bundled up and having fun, don't you just love that hat and the pink wellies?
at first still a bit uncertain
But then! she got the hang of it, it's FUN.
and Finally just to prove I can build better snowmen than snow-bears, here's Cedric whom I made during the snow of 2010, (not based on anyone I know of course! but he looks a lot like a bloke I once knew, I think it's the ears or maybe the nose. LOL)
Tomorrow evening is S.V.Q.'s Annual General Meeting, and the Mola workshop, I've made 3 fabric postcards using the technique but I'll have to show you the pictures next time as I haven't taken any yet. 
So that's about it for now, I hope you all stay warm and safe wherever you are. 

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