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Friday, 12 May 2017

Arts Trail and other stuff

Hello Again
Here I am back with the next lot of pictures to keep you entertained (hopefully :-))
Last Thursday saw 3 of us at the Town Hall to set up SVQ's exhibit for the Arts Festival Showcase. This is held in the Council Chamber, a beautiful room in a Georgian building which was formerly our Police Station and Courthouse (the Council Chamber was the court room) We are invited to take part every year and we are allowed the largest area for our work.
After much difficulty (and laughter) getting our stands to 'stand up' we finally had everything set up to our satisfaction. Here are the pictures, and our members have done us proud again!
This is our Banner, a group project made several years ago, involving 'colour wash 'techniques with white applique lettering and using tiny 1" fabric samples that used to be sent out by Fabric companies. It is made in 3 strips so that we can hang it however we want according to the space we have, either separately or to look like one piece as here.

Next a general view, showing the diversity of talent among our members.

2 beauties in Art Deco style, made by Amanda in her bright 'signature' colours, sadly my picture does not do justice to the vivid citrus greens and oranges.

Next a cheeky Christmas Robin with long dangly legs sitting atop a lovely quilt made by Sheila and long arm quilted by Laura of The Quilt Sanctuary and resting against 2 cushions, (from a design by Lynne Edwards) made by Heather (left) and Yours Truly during a recent in house workshop

Somewhere among the display is my 'Amish Homestead' Rework piece which I finished recently.

I have been knitting (as usual) and have almost finished a sweater for my soon to be Godchild Oscar. I need to sew it up having done the neck band today, so I'll show you next time. 
I finished another preemie blanket, same pattern as the lilac one from my post on May 1st with a little variation (on Row 6 I worked a purl row instead of a knit row) 

So what has been happening stitching wise? Well I find myself teaching a workshop at the next meeting. This is to be a Boutis/ Trapunto workshop and should have been led by 2 of the committee but due to a mix up in dates they are both going to be away so with a months notice I'm in the hot seat.
Here are some pictures to wet your appetite. This is Moira's piece begun at a workshop with Sylvia Critcher and finished at home using Sylvia's book

So for the last month I have been reading the book, making notes and working on my own sample so that at least one of us knows what they are doing, I have done some Boutis and Traounto before to make samples for my talk 'A  Trip around The World'. But I've never used them together, plus I am self taught and this was a different way of achieving the results. Here is my attempt so far which I have to say has been a lot easier (and I am just a little bit hooked with plans for some pink silk I have in the stash!) 
This is the front.

and the back.

and today I started the stuffing and cording.

I'm going to leave it at this point, so that they can see 'the workings'. I'll let you know how it goes in due course.

That's all for now I'm off to bed with some hot Chocolate and a good book. BLISS!!


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  1. Off to bed sounds like a good idea, You certainly have been busy and the work displayed is sensational always a challenge to see others work.