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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Another Day Dawns

Another lovely day with The Girls at Clock Tower Quilters, I was up early enjoying a cuppa and my bowl of porridge while trying to think about what I needed to take along to work on. 
With the workshop coming up it really should be the Boutis / Trapunto project I showed you yesterday (just realized that this is my 3rd post in 2 days - even I'm impressed!:-) but I reealy wanted to do some more to my textile book idea (See Post on June 28th 2016)  
While I have Sylvia Critcher's  book on loan I want to make a rather lovely needle-case featured in it, and plan to use it as a working sample for the workshop. I have some rather nice clover pink silk and some cheesecloth, so decision made I rounded up the fabrics and my work-bag (adding the embroidery box for good luck!) and off I went. After setting up the room and getting 'Ernie' on ready for hot drinks, I cut the fabrics and sorted through my embroidery threads and after a few 'false starts' found a rather nice rich purple for the stitching. 
During this time I developed a really bad headache which slowed me down somewhat. So I decided to put it all away, scrounged some painkillers and made a cup of tea - don't you agree tea makes everything better? 
A while later feeling brighter, out came the embroidery box (this is a sort of self contained 'kit' in a pretty box) and made some progress with a page of my textile book, I have not as yet taken any pictures of said textile book but in the morning when the light is better (it's 10.30 pm here!) I will rectify that for my next post.
Meanwhile here are some shots of some of our happy band.
Here is Carol working on her Mystery Quilt, this was a project I found in the Quilter's Guild Magazine some years ago and some of the girls made quilts from it during a group project over several months. Carol enjoyed it so much this is her 2nd one, which she admitted to starting some time ago and came across it recently 'hidden' in her stash so decided to do a bit more to it, completing the top today

Here are Lisa and Heather discussing the finer points, of I don't know what. Sadly both of these ladies will be leaving us this year, Lisa will be returning to the USA after 4 years living here and Heather is off to Australia for a year to establish if she will move there permanently to be near to her Son and his family, she has 2 lovely Grandchildren in Oz so understandable I guess.

These are the wonderful blocks in colourful Kaffe Fasset fabrics (her favourite) with Moda 'Grunge' borders. Heather is making this for herself,  Its a lot brighter than it looks here!

And last but not least is Julie with her lovely Christmas Wall-hanging completed today, all the Applique is hand stitched and the lace motifs in the corners are Belgian lace

On the way back from Quilters, 3 of us headed off to take down the SVQ exhibit in the town hall as the Art Showcase ended today, that done I went to visit some friends where there was a 7th birthday party for the one of the children. There followed a lovely Chinese takeaway meal followed by home made Sticky Toffee Pudding and cream (or ice cream) and 2 sorts of Cake! With 11 children in the family ranging in age from almost 18 down to a 1 year old and with invited adult friends it was a lovely if hectic end to another day.

Well I'll be back as soon as I can so...

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