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Friday, 26 May 2017

Early Morning Wander

5 am this morning and as I was awake I decided to get up, it's been so hot and with all the downstairs closed up overnight the house felt stuffy, I opened all the doors and windows including the Patio doors and wandered out into the garden, it was soo cool! the plants and flowers were looking good so, I though I would record it here.This is the view that greets me each day from the conservatory

Wandering around there are a few winter pansies still giving it their all in the tubs

This lovely Iris in the pond is quite few years old now but still going strong, it's full of buds and has managed to open up one flower to greet the dawn

Blue Lobelia is everywhere but I love this clump on the rockery by the waterfall which with all the sunshine is looking a bit green, but the birds love bathing here!

Further up the in the borders Hellebore is flourishing

Across the lawn behind the larger rockery the Orange blossom smells so sweet.

Turning to walk back to the house on rear of the rockery is this grass, we don't know how it got here or what its called but its rather spectacular at around 4feet high

and all around the garden in colours many and glorious are the Aquilegia Vulgaris

Image result for aquilegia vulgaris pink

By now it's time for breakfast and some knitting, I'm currently working on some gloves, a special request from Barbara who lives next door (who bought the yarn then asked me to do it!) This is the first one, now don't get me wrong I like knitting gloves but it's driving me crazy, I do not like the yarn, I've used it before but the quality seems to have changed. In the ball its nice and soft but when I'm using it, it's like knitting with thin string! Plus I've had to run it back to the cuff twice already as I a) dropped a stitch and didn't notice then b) I did the thumb increases on every 4th row instead of the 3rd. I am now only knitting it in the mornings when there are no distractions and as you can see I'm up to the fingers. Yay!

Well I'm going to go now before this turns into a gardening blog with a grumpy knitter writing it! But I'll be back soon with some sewing show 'n' tell.


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