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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Boxes and Textile books

As I mentioned yesterday I have some boxes bought from a local store during a BOGOF offer (by one, get one free). They were so pretty I couldn't resist and bought 3 sets for storage in the sewing studio. They are stored on a small bookcase, and I have tried to co-ordinate the contents to the style of the box, so from the top they hold.. Embroidery, pre cut 1.5" strips (Log Cabin project), Sewing Threads, Hexagon projects, pre-cut scraps and Fabric Postcard projects. The other plastic boxes contain threads of one sort or another.

The topmost box is my embroidery box and at the moment it contains my Textile Book project. I first got the idea of making one from Pinterest, following a link to a blog called A Million Little Stitches, what I saw fired the old imagination so I just had to give it a try. I may have to write a couple of posts as my photography session earlier today has resulted in lots more pictures than I envisioned... This is the box

and the contents fit nicely so that everything is ready when I need a hand sewing project.

There are all the essential 'tools'.. a hoop, embroidery scissors and pin cushion

a Ruler, a bit bag, a pencil and Frixion pen

Fabric scissors, pins, thimble, a stitch reference book (an old one picked up for a few pence with nice clear diagrams)

These interesting little 'gismos' are some brass (I think) old embroidery templates, when I got them they were in a rather tattered paper bag on which was printed 'Kay's Practical Embroiderer' obtained from S Kaufman and an address in Manchester price 3/6d I looked it up on the web and THIS is what I found. I am going to try to use them at some point, here they are closed

and here they are open with 2 other shapes

There are of course some needles and threads

plus this little box, a screwdriver (for tightening the hoop) and my badge for when I attend the Craft Group) 

Being keen on using every thread scrap the plastic box contains lots of thread left from previous projects and kits etc. I like to refer to it as my thread 'spaghetti' :-)

Last but not least the little black book you can see in the 3rd picture is my 'inspiration/notebook', it has colouring pages which have led to lots of ideas, hence all the 'tagged' pages. In here I jot down ideas as they occur or while I am working, and use it to write down ideas for the textile book pages.

This Hare could be next!!!

Next time I will show you the completed fabric pages, with some of my thoughts about what I have done or plan to do, plus the ones that I am currently working on.


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