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Monday, 1 May 2017

A good week

Hello All,
Once again I have managed to get to the sewing room several times this week. On Monday it was the turn of my long standing Log Cabin project. Some of you who have been with me a while will remember I have been making Random Log Cabin blocks for several  many years. I have a box of 1.5" strips of fabric scraps and some red solid scraps cut to 1.5" square. This has been my 'take along hand sewing project' or if I can't decide what to work on out comes the box and I randomly machine sew 6.5"Log Cabin squares, now I have to admit that I do not always manage to get them all the same way round but they are supposed to be random right! I had previously sewn some of these together to make 9 larger 4 patch blocks and now it was time to make them up into a quilt top.

I joined them with navy blue sashing and once they were all assembled I pinned it to the design board so I could take a look-see to decide how I wanted to quilt it. It was at this point that it became obvious that 'something' was wrong, after standing there for a while I realized the top left block was considerably bigger than the rest, if you look carefully you can see a 'bulge'. On checking the reverse I noticed that these were some REALLY old blocks that had been stitched by hand and if I say so myself not that accurately!!! guess it was a bad day when they were made, and suffice to say its still up there waiting to be taken apart and remade correctly.
While deliberating that task I decided that I would do something else. During the BIG MOVE into the new sewing room I made a mat to put under the laptop on the sewing table, I also needed an iron pad for the top of the drawer unit to save me having to put the ironing board up for small projects so as I don't use the laptop that much in there I decided to double up the use of the mat, however it was actually too big, but I have been 'making do'. Deciding to put this right, I found some curtain weight fabric and measuring the iron area made another one, it looks a bit wonky here but trust me its not!

as you can see below it's much better and does not get in the way when opening the top drawer. Here are before (previous Mat) and after pictures.

The time leak has happened again! I started this post quite late one evening and left it as a draft to come back to, that was 3 weeks ago! in my defense, since then I have been quite busy (I was at DD's 3 times last week) but at last here I am.
I have decided this is going to be a picture heavy post so I'll add comments to the pictures to save you having soo much to read.
Spring has really sprung in the garden, these wonderful bright red Tulips in the front garden were a picture.

the Primroses and Bluebells here just beginning to flower and now in full bloom all around.

On the knitting front I have been fairly busy in the last few weeks I have completed a baby beanie hat and couldn't resist putting this little top knot on it. DK Knitted in the round

 I came across this cone of Lavender 4ply machine knitting yarn, a previous Charity shop purchase, (I bought 4 of these in different colours for £2)

and made a lacy baby blanket by adapting a pattern for an Aran Blanket just to see what would happen! I'm pleased with the result, this little pretty is 12"x 16" and I still have lots of yarn left as it only took 45gms.

I bought this new ball of Ribbon yarn in a charity shop for 25p and made a 'twisty' scarf, which is now completed and both will be passed on for the handicraft stall at the Church Fete in June.

One of my forays to Gloucester last week for babysitting duties found Little H and I exploring Highfield Garden World . Thankfully she now has a smaller plaster on her broken leg so we had a good look round before having lunch in the restaurant, then going out to see the ducks, geese and rare breed chickens, spotting this splendid fellow in all his glory.

Last but not least Saturday was my birthday so I had been invited out for the day with Lisa, who made sure I had the best of times, first up opening her present to me which was some very pretty socks and this cute cushion.

seen here sitting on my old quilt in the story chair in my bedroom. Then we started the day with coffee and a delicious Lemon Tart (courtesy of the coffee shop when they heard it was my birthday! How sweet!) while I planned what I wanted to do, having decided on the cinema we watched the latest version of Beauty & the Beast (wonderful escapism!!) followed by a meal in a Mexican eatery where I enjoyed my first 'proper' Burrito then, cake and tea before returning home where I opened presents and sat surrounded by flowers (3 large bunches) and cards.

Finally I have just finished this, which I found to be a very a good read.

And so as they say in the cartoons That's All Folks!


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