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Monday, 28 May 2012

The Sewing machine - a girls bestest friend

Hi everyone,
Its all great excitement today as I am going to try my new machine. It actually arrived last Thursday at 8.30a.m. while I was still in my Jammies :-O  Mark from the Huskqvarna shop in Bath showed me the basic ' basics' but till now I have not tried it out for myself so I hope I will be able to 'drive it' OK.

As you know we had the dog last week, and I try to stay downstairs with him, then Saturday it was CTQ and the workshop. Sunday was taken up with the arrival of DD and Baby H to collect said dog, then after lunch DS arrived and we both went to see my Mum who is not well. Here are the latest pictures of Little H playing in our garden yesterday
daisies are soo interesting
Do I HAVE to wear a hat?
Grandad helps her try her feet
and Ted gets in on the act
So today I am planning to spend the morning trying out some easy functions on the 'new machine',  and will attempt to finish the bag I started at the workshop on Saturday, which by the way was a hoot! Heather came along to show us how to make a 'squishy bag using triangles and surprisingly mine looks OK so far.
have to put in the lining, make handles, ties and fabric beads then add binding round the top, so that should keep me busy and I will keep you posted on my progress later in the week as DD will be here again tomorrow and we are going swimming (or playing in the garden depending on if this weather holds up a bit longer.
So Folks sorry for the brief post but there is serious sewing to be done, see you all soon

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