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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

There is a drought they tell me!!!

But! this was the now familiar 'view from the window' on Saturday afternoon, it was so dark I had to put three lights on in the sewing room. I was spending the afternoon just messing about in the sewing room and decided to have a look at some scraps that I had been given, I hate waste and beg all the scraps and selvedges from the girls at CTQ (and previously from students), this is what was lurking under the extension table on Elly (the Elna)
I had previously sewn together some strips quite randomly i.e any width as long as they were of similar length. I cut a 6" square from the smallest piece.
Using an odd bit of wadding and some backing from an old pillowcase I free motion quilted it.
with bindings added, again from the bag of strips, I made this scissor poke, it takes my 5" scissors quite comfortably and with a popper added will be perfect. In all this took 2 hours so I will maybe make some for sale at the next exhibition

Next up were these squares which had been left over from someone's borders...
Which when sewn together made some nice blocks which I may use for a charity project.
On Monday I continued the theme and stitched together some little squares to make some slightly smaller 'scrappy' blocks like these.
Yesterday DD came for her weekly visit, the sun was out for a change so we had all the doors open after lunch. Little H is now on the move, and here she is following her Mum out of the living room (where she was supposed to be asleep!!!)
10 months old and full of fun!
Just so he won't be left out here is a rather nice shot of Monty Dog- H's best friend who is always to be found where she is (especially if there is chance of a snack!!!)
Today was the monthly hand sewing afternoon for SVQ (we meet midway between our evening meetings) only 5 of us there but a good time was had by all. I am currently working on a piece of Indian Kantha embroidery from my UFO box, never having done this type of embroidery before it's a bit like the blind leading the blind scenario, but hey! lets just plod on regardless!! I started this ages ago, probably several years:-() and have been sort of making it up as I go along. I drew some butterfly and bird shapes with a wheel in the centre using some quilting/applique designs from a book, I had just stitched the 3rd bird seen top right, and thought it looked better than the others so I decided  to unpick the first two and start again, still not perfect but better I think?

Bye for now


  1. love the kantha did some for my c and g ages ago now where did i put that....D

    1. Thanks D.
      have almost finished the last 'bird' now, hope to find some info in a book one day and 'do it properly'.

  2. Sunshine today and no rain!
    I like your Kantha embroidery. I discovered it last year, I want to do a lot more of it on my Indigo quilt.

    1. Thanks Radka,
      Really appreciate your thoughts on the Kantha.
      Like you we had good weather over the W/E Great!!!
      Thanks for popping by.