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Friday, 25 May 2012

Geat British Jam & an invitation to join the fun

Mornin all, 
May I start off by passing on an invitation to all quilters out there to join in the fun of blogging, Michelle over at The Quilting Bloggers website (HERE) has launched an appeal asking us all to encourage more quilters to join the fun and start their own blog. I'm sure many of you have been reading these for ages and have thought about starting your own blog, but not sure if you should, I know I did! Well whatever your skill level I can highly recommend it as a great thing to do. You will make new friends from around the globe and may even get to meet some of them (see previous post) there are tutorials for just about everything PLUS you become part of a huge world wide caring quilting community who love to see what you have been working on, so come on give it a go and if you do let me know so I can come visit with you. There are tutorials on the Blogger website (unfortunately I can't get a link to work here but if you type www.blogger.com into your search engine it should take you there) which make it really easy to get started.
I had an early start again today with Mr T the spaniel, off out to the fields by 6.30a.m and back home by 7.15am what to do with the day I think, while sipping my cuppa hmmm? I know I'll make some jam before the sun gets too hot! A quick trip to the freezer and voila! Fruit, (which has been lurking in the freezer for too long) apples from our lovely Brambly tree picked last September were quickly chopped and frozen by DH who also picked blackberries from the hedgerows of our friends organic farm, find the recipe book, this one's a favorite, bought for me by DH when we got married, at first I thought perhaps he doubted my ability in the kitchen but he swears not!!! however it very quickly became my 'bible' for all things on the cookery front, (Sorry Delia!) 
Place all the fruit (about 2lbs of each) in the preserving pan, add a little water (about a pint) and and put on to heat, gently at first, to thaw it all out.
While that's happening I look in the larder for the sugar, which according to the packet it is the only sugar grown in Britain and as this has to be great British jam it's just right for this project
the fruit has thawed and started to gently cook I just love the colour of these fruits once they start to blend together, now for the jars, find some in the cupboard, give them a wash and dry them carefully, lining them up on the worktop ready for filling.
once the fruit is nice and soft increase the heat and add the sugar, making sure it all dissolves. Now with the thermometer attached to the side of the pan I slowly increase the heat some more to bring it to boiling point.
After about 15 minutes it smells wonderful and the thermometer has risen to the correct temperature, I test to confirm it has reached 'setting point' by dropping a little on a cold saucer, wait 5 minutes then push the surface to see if it 'wrinkles' and it does Yaaay! Carefully pour it into the waiting jars and here are the 'fruits of my labours' 10 jars of yummy Blackberry and Apple jam to go with fresh bread for tea.  Damn! I just remembered I'm dieting and won't be able to eat any!!! :-(( Well not much anyway LOL
As for the rest of the day? well I guess I will be 'forced' to sit in the garden under the Bramley apple tree and stitch while the sun shines, its a hard life folks ain't it?
Byee for now

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