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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Babysitting and Excitement

Here I am babysitting my darling little granddaughter for the first time, it was felt bit scary once they left, not that I have never bathed and put a baby to bed before, but this is the first time I have been left alone with little H for longer than an hour or so. (wanted to put an explanation mark there but the number one key is missing on D.D's laptop courtesy of Little H and the incident with a teaspoon). Well anyway it's almost 9.30pm and I have just checked said sleeping babe (again) and all is quiet. Bathtime was fun if a little wet - me as well as her, but it was a bit like riding a bike, you know once learned never forgotten.
Yesterday's visit to Threads & Patches with SVQ  (See Here) went off well we all had a great time at the shop. We arrived in good time after a 7.30am start and were welcomed with chocolate cake and coffee, there then followed a series of demonstrations with lots of laughter and we received a small kit to try one technique at home, after a delicious lunch we then had time to browse in the quilt shop, upstairs is the Knitting Basket, a knitting shop, Craftability, a craft shop and a long arm quilting machine which we were able to see in action. Then there was time for another cuppa and yet another demonstration before the coach arrived to take us home with all our purchases I of course was very controlled and did not buy much. ROTFL.
So why the excitement? Well, tomorrow I will be leaving here after breakfast and travelling to Malvern for Quilts UK where I will be meeting Giles from the Blog 'Touch and Sew' (will give you the link next time as I can't quite work out how you do it on the laptop) Giles will be the first male quilter I have met so I am very much looking forward to chatting to him. Hopefully the weekend will be quieter as I have discovered that its not CTQ on Saturday as I thought - reminder to self - check the dairy more often. LOL Well it is almost time for DD and partner to arrive home from the theatre so I will sign off for now and go check on little one before I put the kettle on ready for them when they get in.
Byee. L


  1. it was great to get to meet up with you too ... I've only met up with one blog person before so it's still intriguing wondering what a person is going to be like! I will reveal what I thought of you when I do a blog post about the show shortly! ;)

    My blog link is http://touchandsew.blogspot.com if that helps!

    I am used to being a rare species at quilt events .... in fact the real reason for my return to the UK was that at the last quilt club meeting I went to in Rochester another male quilter came to check the club out .... well what choice did I have? I had to leave the country didn't I! don't tell anybody though, they all think I came back for medical and family reasons ...........


    1. Thanks for the comment Giles, it was great meeting you too, and I wondered why you left the US in such a hurry - too much competition eh!