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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Quilt shows & meeting new a friend!

I hardly had time to recover from last weeks busy schedule when Ted arrived for his little holiday, so this week (till Sunday) I'm up and out with him for his walk at 6.30am, now that's real early but its the only way I can guarantee an almost 'dog free walk' by that I mean we don't meet any other dogs while we're out. I go through the fields at the end of our road and use the public footpath into the fields (See earlier post on 17th May 2011) We can't go all the way around the field at the moment as it is planted with Rape seed and the plants are way above my head, so its a matter of going straight down the hill and out onto the road to get home, though we both get soaking wet from the dew dripping from the rape plants and the long grass. The weather has improved and at last we have a hint of summer which is great. I was in the garden after the walk the other morning and found this suspended between the frame we built for our Clematis and the garden wall. It looked so beautiful in the sunlight, every strand covered in tiny dewdrops sparkling like diamonds.

DD and Co (minus Ted) are on Holiday in North Wales and the last we heard they are having a good time with the same weather as us so hopefully it will continue till they leave on Saturday, this will be the first time Little H has been to the seaside so it will be interesting to hear what she thought of it.
I went to Quilts UK last Thursday and had a good day meeting up with my friend Sheila, then I went off to meet up with Giles a quilter whose blog I follow (Here), and we had arranged to meet for coffee. He has previously been living in the U.S. but came home recently due to health problems and to be nearer to his family, he is now living about 90 minutes away from the showground and was planning to visit to see the quilts and hopefully meet some other male quilters. Giles is the first male quilter I have met and it was really lovely to talk to him, I was very impressed to hear how he manages to sew as he has very limited vision, he explained  how he learned to quilt at a centre for the visually impaired in Atlanta and sews mostly by hand using self threading needles, and using a machine for the quilting. Unfortunately he had to leave his sewing machine behind,\:-((( but managed to get his stash safely back to the UK :-)))). He had brought along his first quilt to share with me which was gorgeous, and I got this picture of it and him while we talked, I just love the colours and the Owl print backing fabric.
We went our separate ways after about an hour though I did bump into him a little later on and he said he was enjoying the show. Just 10 minutes after I left him I met another Male quilter - are they like buses do you think?  you know you wait hours for one to come along then 2 arrive at once! Gile's Mum told me she is going to learn to quilt now having seen what Giles can do and they are planning on getting him a new machine in due course. After meeting up with Sheila again to have lunch and as I did not have much to get in the way of shopping I concentrated on looking at the quilts, I don't think there were as many this year and nothing actually made me say WOW! but these are  some I liked

 As for purchases. I bought these charm packs, I'll use the blue one for a bag workshop at CTQ on Saturday not sure about the other one yet though.

Gorgeous threads (to use on my new machine
Oliver Twist Threads for couching or hand stitching
More fabrics for this little wall-hanging
and a nifty board which folds in half - great for carrying around    
Well that's all for now got to go take over dog sitting downstairs so DH can go out for an hour,  sun is out so I will take some coffee in the garden and work on a small crochet project, I'm planning a little restoration project - but more on that later. SVQ tonight so I'll report on that later too!
See you soon.

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