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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Why Monkey business?

Firstly I made it back here today after a week spent fighting 'the COLD' and coughing fit to burst! Well 'the  cold' (see it's little letters now!) has finally given up its hold and although I'm still coughing, I'm waaaay better.
Secondly I got asked the other day why my blog is called 'Monkey Business & Quilts', anyone who knows me really well will know the answer to that question! but for those that don't.. Apes are the other passion in my life I love all the great apes, from monkey sized ones all the way up to humongous male Orangutans and Gorillas. My favorite place in the country has got to be Monkey World in Dorset (Here) and for many years I  had an adopted Orang, called Kai who was born on my wedding anniversary. I have only been able to visit once or twice, but what a great time was had when I did. My greatest wish in the world would be to visit all the areas where apes live and observe them in the wild but I guess unless we halt global warming and I win the lottery that will remain a pipe dream.
When I talked about setting up a blog with H (the elder) and I was puzzling what it might be called she had no hesitation in saying in a very loud voice and I quote 'MONKEY BUSINESS of course!!' I have quite a collection of 'hairy people' given to me over the years and the family still have a great laugh that it took me well over a year to finally get round to actually 'eating' a chocolate Gorilla from a well known chocolate company!!LOL. So along with the 'quilt connection' that's how this blog got its name. Here are some pictures of a visit to MW
Amy taken through glass, she was less than 2 feet away from me here!
Young Gordan
Tuan (right) and followers
And here is a picture of some of my own Hairy bunch which sit on the chair in my bedroom (the teddy is called Princess and belongs to H the elder)
and as I found out one night on going to bed they sometimes read each other stories.... H's idea of a joke LOL
King Louie reads a story!!!
In my last post I promised to show the finished 'I Spy' quilt so here's a photo of that, which was delivered to the new baby last week, luckily before the cold hit me!

 Tonight I'm off to the local Catholic Church To witness my Brother's Confirmation, he has attended Instruction for 6months and has decided that it is for him. Sadly our Mum has chosen not to attend, (to his great disappointment) but I will be there to give him support and look forward to meeting some of his new friends. After many years of being unemployed and suffering from severe depression (only recently properly diagnosed and treated!) I hope this brings him the comfort he needs, he's certainly seemed a lot happier since starting to attend Church. As for me well it will all be new to me and with Easter being such a significant time for the Catholic Church I look forward to the service with anticipation.
AND I recently found out that DD now has her own blog (Here) do pop by and keep up with their antics.
Well that's about all for today, I'm off to have my tea and I think there's still some Hot X Buns on the menu YUMMMM!!
See you all soon.

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