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Monday, 26 March 2012

Postal Quilting Bee

Today I received an interesting email from a student at Bath University, she is hoping to set up a quilting bee by post with the hopes of making a quilt from the blocks she receives, feeling that I don't want to join in on this I have said that I would put her details on here, I can't find any details on her blog about it, so this is an extract from her email..
I am writing to you as i have just finished my dissertation titled Does Quilting Still Have Value in the 21 Century and if So Why? Which i concluded YES of course it does :D During my research i looked a lot into quilting bees, groups and guilds, also i looked into postal quilting bees. Now, i have finished and i can go back to my practical work for my Textiles degree at Bath Spa University. I really really would like to make a quilt as the result of a postal bee! This means i need your help! I would like to know who would be interested in this idea and if i have enough interest then i will be able to start organising it. I was thinking about using a tumbling rhomboid or cube motif. Essentially my aim is to get as many people involved to make a motif (or as many as you like!) and then post them to me, where i will then sew them all together and make a postal bee quilt.
If you want to see her work go to (here) You can then contact her direct if you choose to join in.

For my own part this is what I have been making this week, I wanted to make an I Spy quilt for a new baby in the street and started last Wednesday (as soon as I knew it was a little boy) with this selection of  5 1/2" squares.
I sewed them all together, trying (and not succeeding) to get the Red, Blue and black/dark squares evenly spaced, after much confusion it began to take shape, here they are all sewn together, as you can see from the light in the window it took some time.
On Thursday I found the backing and binding fabrics and got it all sandwiched together then on Friday I discovered the backing had gone all wrinkled.
After much reverse sewing it was a case of ironing everything and starting again...but once that was done I was able to quilt it, I chose to do simple straight lines running half way through all the squares.
Then the binding was cut, joined together and pinned,
before stitching it on, here you can see my trusty Elna at work!!! and Joy of joys all the corners worked out beautifully. Now all I have to do it sew the binding down on the back which I am off to do now while sitting in the conservatory in the bright warm sun as the 'view from the window' is to nice to ignore.
See you all soon with the finished quilt.

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