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Friday, 2 March 2012

What a difference a month makes!

Hi all,
Spring has finally sprung here at Monkey Business HQ, this was the scene from my workroom window one month ago today!
Feb 2nd 2012
And now it looks like this (sorry about the laundry!!!)
March 2nd 2012
it was soo pretty and the sun was sooo warm today, has been for most of this week actually :-))) I went outside and took some pictures of the spring flowers which will be a great reminder next winter when I look back.
mini Daffodils
Snowdrops & Crocus
Crocus are so pretty up close

Even the fish are out to play.
DD was here all day on Wednesday so we took the boys and Little H out for a long walk around the village, it was lovely, we planned to go up through the local Bridle Path but it was too muddy and steep for the buggy so DD went that way and I stayed on the road arranging to meet at the top where the path rejoins the road. It was very enjoyable as it was fairly uneventful dog wise and DD only had to hide behind three different cars while other dogs went past out of sight from Ted, he's either losing some of his eyesight or he is getting better as he only barked once, which for him is a miracle. Baby H managed to fall asleep just as we turned back into our street which was NOT what we planned but she managed to stay asleep in the garden for another hour or so then woke up full of beans.
She's thinking Oh no! she's got the camera again!

 Now I said I wouldn't but I have, I've decided to make another chicken this time in Crazy Patchwork I made an Elephant some time ago from a kit I bought from a company who were at Malvern called Rag Bags. They  collect and package recycled fabrics for Quilters, so this is Melanie the elephant of whom I am very fond
Right Side
Left side
 She is of course an Indian Elephant and she deserves an outing as she lives in the Cupboard :-( Anyway back to the chicken, these are the fabrics I have selected,
Yes I know the colours are the same but these are colours I like A LOT! Anyway she can pretend she's a Rhode Island Red which of course as you all know is a breed of chicken! LOL. She will be about 6"-7" square when completed and I'll keep you up to date on my progress.
Well I'd  better go and do some more sewing plus I'm taking Mum to the Women's World Day of Prayer service at Church tonight.

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