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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Arts Festival!

Last night was our monthly meeting for SVQ, and what a great night! Liz Brooke Ward (See previous post) came along to show us her work which was fabulous, she grew up in Yorkshire and now lives in the Cotswold's and her work is inspired by Nature, Landscape and her Husbands job - he a Microbiologist (I think!!) which basically means he looks at and photographs Lichens through a microscope! Here are a couple of shots I took of her smaller pieces, unfortunately I couldn't get her larger pieces as she was surrounded by our members after her talk.
Based on the Lichens, this is about 2' square and is embroidered entirely of french knots

This smaller piece is a Journal quilt, one of 12 made over a year, for this one she asked her friends for buttons plus a quotation which meant something to each of them, the buttons are stitched to little pockets with each pocket resembling the button, inside these are the relevant quotes printed onto little cloth strips which each have a button hole in, the little strips are on tiny wooden sticks to resemble scrolls and can be taken out and buttoned to the pocket. (I thought this was very clever! sorry about the fuzzy picture)
Today 4 of us have been off to the Town Hall to set up the exhibition for the Arts trail (see previous post) we arrived bright & early (well late actually as someone had put temporary traffic lights on the road to Thornbury (the cheek!) We had quite few exhibits some scrounged from last nights show and tell (more on that later) and got to work putting the stands together, putting the table in place and hanging the exhibits, once we had finished it was time to take some pictures which you can see here... then once that was done we headed off for a much needed Cappuccino before heading home. I'll leave you with these pictures and tell you more about our Show 'n' Tell in my next post
Extreme left
Left side
The table with all the 'little' pieces on
Centre Back
Right Side
Extreme right
Oh almost forgot my Tuesday WIP, as I promised myself I sat in the conservatory in warm sunshine working on the Row Robin 
the view from the window
 LOOK I'm even hand quilting!
While I sat there enjoying myself this little beauty came to visit, I had put out some finely chopped cheese rind earlier and she just kept coming back for more so I grabbed the camera, pressed the shutter and hoped.
See you all soon!

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