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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Flying by

This week is simply flying by, I don't know when I was last so busy, not (unfortunately) with much serious sewing, tho that does come into it a bit. last Sunday I ventured once more into the world of baking and tried another sponge See post on 14th April) having mixed up the ingredients - all very carefully weighed, things looked promising (and Yes those are my feet!!!)
Looks good!
After baking and filling with cream and strawberry jam things looked even better
and to prove it, its 3 x the depth of the last one!! and trust me mmmmm...it tastes divine
Monday DD came for a few hours primarily to go out to lunch with a close friend so Grandma and Grandad got left 'holding the baby' (and two boisterous dogs!!) It was all good fun, little H played along and was a very good girl, but when Grandad was left in charge for a few moments he decided to get her started as a builder's apprentice here she is 'viewing' the Screwfix Catalogue (local building suppliers )
She is now definitely on the move so LOOK OUT Mum and Dad! (Ted and Monty are fair game too now, all that lovely fur to pull yourself up on!)
Tuesday came with an appointment for Mum:-) followed by a Funeral :-( Today is haircut day and getting ready for tomorrow when I'm off to the Bath & West showground to be on a stand for Region 5 of the Quilters Guild, and hopefully sewing a bit too. Friday will be shopping day again and Saturday I'm at an SVQ sewing day before dashing off around 4pm to take down the display at the Arts Festival. I was hoping Sunday may be quiet but with my ?? Birfday looming I may get visitors.
Bye for now
P.S. As I don't have any new quilty pictures to show here are a few older ones!!!
'Laura's Quilt' 
Group quilt - Log Cabin blocks - 2 each made by 6 CTQ members, Central Heart block, assembly and quilting by yours truly. Presented to Laura on purchasing her 1st house
Made this one for DD's Godson - 6 1/2" square foundation pieced animals adapted from the 'Two by Two' pattern in a magazine. I added  2 butterfly's, a brown bear, a tiger, and a parrot then re-arranged the layout. Machine quilted then  I used the animal print scraps to make the binding.
The poem from my collection that inspired the above quilt which forms the label
Antique Welsh Log Cabin. Fabrics are Wool mixtures on a heavy cotton base. 
This belongs to a friend, she thinks it was made by her Granny and she remembers sleeping under it as a child in the 1950's.
'Rodney and Friends' 
Made as a Secret Santa gift for Kerry who keeps chickens - again adapted from a magazine and inspired by the saying 'The rooster may crow, but the hen delivers the goods.' I used fabric weaving for the basket of eggs, bonded applique with blanket stitched edges. Machine pieced and Hand quilted.

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