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Monday, 16 April 2012


Today is a day for decisions, I was up early, the sun is shining and its feels like the time is ripe for this. I have finally decided on a date to Retire from teaching, now that's not too say I won't agree to help out at my groups etc but as far as organising courses/classes this is it!!! 
Which leads me to the 2nd decision made today. Some of you may remember last year I made a resolution to actually finish some of my UFO's  instead of starting new projects and I did actually finish 3 or 4 pieces. The (feeble) excuse for not doing more was that I was too busy with work related projects and doing mini workshops for various group etc and in part that was true. However yesterday, I went through the workroom and unless they are hiding in corners or behind the cupboards (and not including the Hexie projects I have 'inherited!) I have assembled ALL the UFO's in one place, this box contains the part made tops and smaller project, some of which are actually workshop samples.

This is the most complete project yet to be finished, this one was started in 2005! AND has actually appeared in not one but two exhibitions as a WIP so this I think has to be the first one I tackle.
A Row Robin with SVQ, I only joined in as there were not enough members interested to make it viable, however with a few late entries we made it to 7 girls willing to give it a go! The 'brief' was decided on by the participants thus; 2 rows 6" high, 2 x 8" high and 2 x 10" high, and had to include blocks/rows made using strips, triangles, paper piecing and applique with 2 rows free choice, Once the quilt tops were complete the originator would ad borders if desired to complete the quilt top before quilting it. 
We chose our own colours, and supplied up to 1mtr of fabrics, (including sashing) everyone else had to keep within the colour range chosen by the originator. We made our own first 10" row (which is the 3rd one from the top here, 'Farmer's Daughter' block from Joen Wolfren's book 'Any Block Any Size', and put it in a Shoe box, numbered labels were stuck on the boxes with only the organiser knowing which box belonged to who. 
We then swapped boxes at the monthly meetings by taking home a box we had not had before. After making a row we had to add it to the top or bottom of the piece in the box. Through out the whole process I kept a diary of thoughts etc, and I am so glad I did as now I can look back and see what was going on in my head as I tackled each row. Unfortunately there were only 6 rows but 7 of us so there was one quilt we each did not get to work on, this was a different top for each member, and due to some conflict one member dropped out meaning there was one quilt we did not see completed. Some of the completed quilts went on show at the next Exhibition.
Laura's Quilt. I made the top row
Maureen's quilt. This was the one I did not work on!
Anne's quilt I did the applique row at the bottom 
So now it's lunchtime and I'm off to eat, then hopefully, I will get to sit in the conservatory and work on my quilt.
Happy Stitchin!


  1. Those are fantastic!! Congrats on the decision and enjoy the conservatory.

    1. Thank you Catherine for your kind comments!