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Saturday, 14 April 2012

what a week!

Well what a week!
Not much happened since my last post but I seem to have been busy and even achieved a few things. 
If you remember last Saturday saw me off to witness my Brother's confirmation, he was soo nervous but all went well, it was a lovely service (Easter Mass) and I really enjoyed it, I met his partner (properly) for the first time. He remembered his responses and received some cards and lovely gifts from his friends at the church, people are so kind.
 Over the long Easter week end, the weather was not too bad though we had much needed rain all day on Easter Monday. I wondered if  DD may pop over for a quick visit with her PIL so I decided to make a Victoria sponge, I have been making these almost weekly since we got married (37 years!) and usually they turn out fine but this one was to say the least 'miserable', as soon as I spooned the mixture into the tins I knew (I just knew!!!) something was wrong, then it hit me... I weighed the eggs as usual and then simply added fat sugar and flour in the wrong amounts :-O although it turned out edible it was very small - see what you think and Yes! go on have a good laugh - it's about 1"  thick and that's at the thickest point!!!!

I had a (another) tidy up in the work room and rearranged my desk, I was getting a 'crick' in the neck with the monitor in the corner so I switched things around a little, I put a printer at each end (Yes I have 2!! though I use one as a PSC) with the screen in the centre, hopefully this will be easier, I also took the opportunity to re-arrange the picture and tidy up the noticeboard which had been propped up against the wall, and now thanks to DH it's hanging up!
Monday was Newsletter day for WPQ, I have been doing the newsletter for the group since November and its a job I enjoy, its good fun finding little pictures to go with the text. 
On Wednesday my WIP was some knitting and this continued on Thursday and during the Friday Night Sew In! I'm making another knitted chicken which I am going to sell, but this time I am going to make some knitted wings. I've finished one piece and I'm 1/2 way with the other so watch this space. 

I don't usually sell my work but I've been asked if I would sell 2 of the chickens I made for the SVQ workshop so I thought why not? Trouble is I haven't a clue what to charge, how do you work out what to charge- Suggestions anyone???
This week has seen 2 birthdays in our family first on 11th was Monty's 5th birthday, he had his own cake complete with candles and you can see a really cute picture of him over at my DD's blog (here) see post 11th April. The following day it was DD's turn, she was over for the day and it was nice to spoil her as we don't always see her on 'the day' we had already given her the 'big present', she had requested a wheelbarrow for their allotment so she went ahead and got a nice folding one and we paid :-)) (also on her blog 28th March post)) we also got her some gardening tools, plus when she arrived I handed over some Chocolate bars for her to enjoy later.
Wednesday sees the April Meeting of SVQ, this month we will be hearing about the work of Liz Brooke Ward (here) whose work is inspired by the texture of landscape and nature, then on Thursday some of the comittee (including yours truly) and members of SVQ will be once again setting up their display for the local Arts Festival (here)  something we have been involved in for several years and it's good publicity for the group. It's in the Town Hall a lovely old building right in the centre of the High Street that used to be local the Police station when I was a child. 
well that's about it for this time, I'll get some pictures from the exhibition for you for my next post so until then its goodbye from me!

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