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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Severn Valley Quilters May Meeting

Hello there,
Just thought of a new way to blog!!!  I still feel like a newbie blogger and often think I'm getting it wrong somewhere, so I wondered what I could do to make things easier, so far I when I write posts I have sooo much to put on I forget half of it. Then last night (well around 3a.m. actually :-O) I had a EUREKA moment and thought 'why don't I do bits and pieces as they occur, if it's only a small piece I can save it to drafts and then publish when I have enough' Can't think why I didn't think of this before.

Last night was Severn Valley Quilters meeting which I was looking forward to, our Speaker was Sandi Lush Quilter extraordinaire (www.sandielush.co.uk) who makes the most beautiful whole-cloth quilts, her talk entitled 'Old Cloth to New Cloth' was the story of how she became a whole-cloth quilter, she showed us lots of lovely slides but towards the end of the talk she produced some quilts which she passed around, :-))) and one or two others which we could look at but not touch! Here is a picture of her with her Finale 'Tarian Aur' or 'Golden Shield'. (If you are wondering what is holding up the other corner it's her Hubby! ) I have had the pleasure of knowing Sandi for many years, and she was one of the first people I met at SVQ.

Now for a few from Show 'n' tell
This is Jane being helped by Sheila showing us her 1st Quilt,  made for her Daughter who is getting married later this year.

Here is Hilary one of our newer Members with her Sampler Quilt.

Trudy with 2 cushions made following the day workshop run by Jennie Lester last month on 'Stack & Whack with an Insert'

And Win, one of our long standing members, with a Baltimore panel cushion made at one of Sandi's workshops.
That's all for today more soon.

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