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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I'm going for a walk, will you join me?

Hello everyone,

Today I thought you may like to take a walk with me, when Ted went home, I decided to still walk each day as I so enjoyed the time on my own, and now I use it to get  my thoughts together for the day (and get fit at the same time!). Today I took the camera, so you can join me on my journey. The fields are a minute down the road from my house, some days I have to climb a gate (kept locked at night). This is the first view of the field,  I have come through a 2nd gate onto the track which I  will follow, the time is 7.15am with clear blue skies and no wind.

 At the first corner the track bends left and a stand of trees comes into view, the birdsong is louder here as there are now no houses around, over the hedge to my right I can hear lambs which were born in  early April they are now eating grass and moving further away from the ewes as their confidence increases, the land dips away down the hill and I continue on...

...at this point I can clearly see the track left by Foxy as he goes about his nightly business and heads across to the opposite hedge, probably on his way to the lake on the Golf course where there are geese, or possibly he cuts back to the cemetery to look for find rabbits or mice, I do hope they see him coming! Sometimes at night we see a fox in the garden around the house, may be it's the same fox?

 I have walked out around the rough ground beneath the stand of trees now just behind me, the only blot on the landscape at this point is the constant hum whine of a mobile telephone mast, erected despite strong protest, but as I look to my left the landscape opens out to a lovely view down the hill towards Thornbury (our nearest town, complete with castle and a long history!)....

...I think this is my favorite part of the journey and I take in the sights of the countryside that I have enjoyed for most of my life,  this field was once a  meadow and a  place I came to come almost every day throughout the year with school-friends. In spring there were Bluebells, Primroses, and many other wildflowers, and a pond where we always found Tadpoles... in Summer we picked wildflowers for our Mum's, the Autumn brought blackberries and Hazel nuts in the hedgerows, and in  winter we brought sledges and threw snowballs!

This is the bottom of the hill where I could go out onto the road and walk home that way, but I prefer to stay in the field, so I will turn left and stay at the edge of the field just inside the hedge, no track or path there and the ground is rough, I need to pick my way carefully, there is the sound of traffic below me on the road, all those people off to work in their cars (Poor things!) while I am out here looking at sunbeams which pour through some tall trees just to my right, there are wild flowers around the edge of the field, Buttercups Pig Parsley and Vetch (or Ragged Robins) in abundance among the long grass and spider webs glisten with  dew.

Across the other side, I use the Public footpath which takes me back up the hill, you can see the stand of trees that I passed earlier at the top left of the picture. I hear early golfers on the Golf course the other side of this Hawthorn hedge to my right. The path looks steep but there is plenty to look at and it's easy walking, Sometimes if I have been to Thornbury by bus and the weather is dry I walk back along this path.

Nearly home now this is  the path alongside the Cemetery further up and I can see through the hedge into the Golf Course....

 ...nearly at the end of the path and I look up through the huge old Oak Tree which local children still use as a place for a rope swing, just the way I did with my friends, and there is still a 'secret den' at the base!....

....and finally I have reached my starting point, this is the view from the Gate (where I climbed over), I pause for one last look back at the Oak tree, it's 7.30ish and time to head up the road to home for a nice cuppa and some breakfast before I get on with the 'business' of the day, I've decided while walking to start my pennant today (to be sent off to 'Quilts For London') the Chairman's Challenge set by Sheila at SVQ, so I'll show you how that's going next time.

Hmmm! I wonder if  DH is up yet?  If not, I may take him some tea or perhaps I'll let him sleep and enjoy some more quiet time, you know the old saying about waking up grumpy but then deciding to let him sleep!! :-))) I hope you have enjoyed your virtual walk in my neck of the woods.
Till next time be good and have fun. 

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