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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hello Again Hello!

Who is it that sings that? I have this song going round & round in my head for days now and can't think for the life of me who recorded it.

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted but now I am returned, I have been quite busy of late working (Yes! you heard right - working!!) I was offered 8 full days work (8.45am - 5pm.) by the local government sending out and opening returned postal votes and as a count assistant at the close of the election, the days were spread out over both bank holidays and I thoroughly enjoyed it. On election day the count continued until 3am so last Friday I felt completely 'Hung over'  from lack of sleep. I left DH with explicit instructions not to wake me but DD had other ideas and forgetting I had been out all night sent a text at 8am, of course being me, my phone was right there next to the bed. So having woken I got up BIG MISTAKE - HUGE, by lunchtime I was hanging, to the point of not being able to be bothered to cook, so DH & I took ourselves to the local hostelry for a meal.
On the whole it was nice to be up and out in the morning wearing my 'office' clothes (which now fit due to my success at Slimming World!) and spending the day with around 30/40 other people and all their chatter.

On Wednesday 27th it was Severn Valley Quilters meeting, this month was our annual 'Skills Night' when usually 4 or 5 members demonstrate a particular skill or technique, this time we did it a little differently in that we only had 3 demonstrations and everyone could make a little sample if they wished. This year we took part in making an easy Bow Tie Block with Joan, made a felt Chrysanthemum with Joyce and Carys showed us how to cover Clothes Line/Cord with fabric strips to make bowls/ baskets. Tea/coffee was available throughout instead of at 9pm and it seems to have been a great success with everyone.

It will be Westbury Park Quilters on Monday when Helen Keenan (Quilt Artist & Teacher helenkeenan.co.uk/home.) will give her talk entitled 'Colour Works' then on Wednesday there is an S.V.Q. sewing afternoon to attend, I will be continuing to work on some of my UFO's as I have promised myself to actually finish some of them this year!

I will be going along to Malvern Show twice this year, on Thursday 19th with my good friend Sheila then again on  21st when I plan to take Harriet, she was off school when I went in the Autumn and was so disappointed not to be allowed to come, so I promised she could come to the Spring show, I am going to try NOT to buy any fabric as I would like to wait till I go to New England in September but we all know that will be difficult  Nay! impossible. Harriet will have some birthday money to spend so perhaps I can concentrate on that.
Well for the past 15 minutes I have been trying to upload some pictures to show you but my system is having none of it today so guess you will have to wait till next time.
Bye for now


  1. Hi Lorraine,
    Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog, I have just been offered another Singer machine, this time on it's original table, it's one of those that turns over into the table. For just £30! I'm trying to scrounge the money off him indoors!
    I love the look of the scrappy log cabin blocks on one of your earlier posts, I might have to have a go :o)

  2. We will be up at Malvern on the Saturday too!! It was my first time in autumn and now I'm hooked!!!